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With less than a week left before the president-elect is chosen by the American people, the city of Gloucester is wrapping up early voting this week. 

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BOSTON — A vehicle data access question on the November ballot could promote competition in the car repair industry but is "not likely to produce large, near-term benefits for mechanics," according to a new analysis from a Tufts University think tank.

BOSTON — A proposal to scrap the state's winner-take-all elections in favor of ranked choice voting is being largely funded by wealthy, out-of-state donors, according to a review of campaign finance data.

BOSTON — Plans to implement ranked-choice voting, prevent Massachusetts from declaring itself a "sanctuary state" and require gun owners to store their weapons in safes are among a dozen proposed referendums inching toward the 2020 ballot.

BOSTON — Massachusetts became the latest state to uphold transgender protections at the ballot box on Tuesday, in a vote watched closely by LGBTQ-rights activists across the country.

BEVERLY — Massachusetts voters Tuesday chose to preserve the state law protecting transgender people from discrimination in public places. 

Voters on Tuesday shot down a controversial proposal that would have limited the number of patients assigned to each nurse in hospitals across Massachusetts.

As a nurse in the telemetry unit at Beverly Hospital, Karla Robles is responsible for the care of six patients. She prides herself on being able to watch over all of them, but said that sometimes it's too much.


In addition to the state election this Tuesday, Manchester and Essex voters will decide whether or not to approve a Proposition 2 1/2 debt exclusion to pay for the new Memorial Elementary School project.


ESSEX — On Tuesday, the town's registered voters will decide if Essex will ban marijuana stores from town.

BOSTON — Opponents and supporters of a proposal to set nurse staffing levels at the state’s hospitals have spent tens of millions of dollars on prime-time TV ads, glossy mailers and other campaign materials, making it one of the most expensive ballot questions in recent years.

Michael Flavin says he's "a big fan" of U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and sees Nov. 6 as a chance to give her a strong re-election vote to propel her toward a 2020 presidential run.

BOSTON — Opponents outnumber supporters of Question 1 in newly released UMass-Lowell poll results that also show Gov. Charlie Baker and Sen. Elizabeth Warren maintaining large leads over their opponents as they seek re-election on Nov. 6.

BOSTON — As opponents of Question 1 inundate voters with ads warning of disastrous consequences, Sen. Elizabeth Warren this week declared her support for government-mandated nurse staffing requirements in hospitals.

BOSTON — Seventy percent of Massachusetts voters think the state is not spending enough money on public infrastructure projects and roughly a third of voters rate the state's local roads, highways, bridges and MBTA as "poor," a recent poll found.

BOSTON — Julie Garza has seen a barrage of TV ads that support or oppose the nurse staffing ballot question but doesn't know how she'll vote in November.

BOSTON – A majority of likely voters support the nurse staffing, campaign finance and transgender non-discrimination questions on November's ballot, and back Gov. Charlie Baker and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren in their re-election bids, according to a poll out Wednesday.

 BOSTON — Unionized nurses have lobbied Beacon Hill for years to ramp up staffing at the state's hospitals, arguing they have too many patients to care for, which is affecting the quality of treatment. Those efforts have proven largely unsuccessful.

Gloucester voters split on the four state ballot questions, emphatically voting against the charter school initiative and changes to the state's gaming laws while strongly supporting easing marijuana laws and providing more humane treatment of farm animals.

SALEM — After meeting with people on both sides of the charter school debate, Congressman Seth Moulton, D-Salem, announced Tuesday he voted yes on Question 2, a ballot measure that would lift the cap on charter school expansion.


BOSTON — A conservative group says Whole Foods Market and its chief executive, John Mackey, will benefit financially from a ballot question banning the sale of eggs and meat from cage-confined animals.


The kids really are all right. At least judging by the ones we observed in the Gloucester High School Cafeteria Tuesday. It was Student Mock Presidential Election Day 2016 and plenty of them had skipped lunch to stand in jammed voting lines. Three even took time away from manning the ballot …


BOSTON — Legalization of marijuana would result in greater dangers on Massachusetts roadways, where authorities are ill-equipped to even know whether drivers are intoxicated by the leafy green drug, opponents of Question 4 said Tuesday.

BOSTON (AP) — The widow of a state trooper killed by a driver accused of driving under the influence of marijuana is making an emotional plea against a ballot question that would legalize recreational pot.

BOSTON — Besides electing a new president, Massachusetts voters will decide ballot questions Nov. 8 that will determine whether to allow a new slots parlor, legalize marijuana, expand charter schools, and ban keeping farm animals in cage confinement.


BOSTON — Indiana oil tycoon Forrest Lucas has become a formidable opponent to animal rights groups, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat proposals aimed at banning puppy mills, restricting hunting and curtailing farming practices.


A group of Gloucester High School students may have lot to teach local voters about the four referendum questions that will appear on ballots across Massachusetts on Nov. 8.

Warning that it will increase access to marijuana for teens, the Massachusetts Medical Society and 10 statewide physician specialty groups on Tuesday formally declared their opposition to Question 4, which would legalize marijuana use for those 21 and older.