It has been just more than a year since Martha Anger, one of Cape Ann’s top producing real estate professionals, was hired as a Founding Agent for Compass’s “yet-to-be-built” North Shore office.

Since “hitting the ground running”, the veteran professional has been utilizing the company’s distinctive platform and its unique resources to enhance the overall experience for her clients.

“The time has flown by since I first dove headfirst into Compass. During my interview at the New England Corporate office on Newbury Street, I was blown away by both the tools and the support they provide their agents,” she says.

“Not only do they prioritize hiring experienced, successful agents but then they provide us a setting in which to truly engage with our clients.”

As Anger explains, the company’s modern vision of pairing the industry’s top talent with technology translates into a smart and seamless experience for all.

“One of my favorite things is the ability to communicate in real time with my clients while they are looking at the actual, interactive online listing. There is no more ‘switching back and forth’ between email and MLS, with all of the comments being saved in one place for either of us to revisit. In a very fast paced, ever evolving market where proper pricing is important in a multiple bid situation, this level of communication and information is vital for both buyers and sellers.”

In addition, the company’s real estate associates are offered a unique opportunity to engage in early morning virtual motivational meetings where they discuss one book every month and watch interviews with inspirational entrepreneurs from all types of businesses. This is an optional offering, in which Anger was quick to join.

“As a result of all this, my business runs more efficiently and my clients are able to get more quality time and attention. Plus, I am personally connected to a nationwide network of top agents to whom I can refer clients looking to relocate out of the area or who have properties elsewhere that they need to sell in order to relocate here” says Anger. “It is amazing to me that an entity the size of Compass encourages this level of introspection and engagement among their agents. On a personal level, I have grown by opening my mind to new ways of thinking not just about business, but life itself.”

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