The hands-on, full service relocation company “Women on The Move – Your Architects of Moving” is…….. you guessed it…. MOVING. Thanks to its stellar reputation and unstoppable success over the past few years, this former little “startup” has had to trade in its small Marblehead workplace for one much larger in Swampscott. Having already facilitated more than 1,000 moves over the past eight years, the company’s CEO Annmarie Linnane explains that plans to further grow the business catapulted her decision to expand her office space.

“Women on The Move, Your Architects of Moving”, had an extraordinary 2018. We have basically doubled in large part thanks to referrals that have taken us far beyond the North Shore. Our strategy for this year is growth into Boston and potentially as far as California,” she says. “One thing that I have found is that people are beginning to understand what we do. We are not your average movers. When people consider moving, their first thought is the moving truck. However, the truck only delivers 10%. What we deliver is the other 90% - prepping, purging, downsizing, and unpacking. With our experience, we can accomplish in 72 hours, what the average person needs months to complete.”

In addition to packing and providing all of the recyclable boxes and materials, Linnane’s crew will provide liaison with haulers, cleaning companies, junk removers, and estate sale experts. And because moving is not always celebratory, Linnane explains how she and her team can be an invaluable resource to adult children moving elderly parents or to families in times of grief. “When you are suddenly confronted with the overwhelming task of what to do with a lifetime of accumulation, we can step in and deal with the logistics of liquidation. With simple kindness and an undefinable sense of calm and order, “Women on The Move – Your Architects of Moving” will deliver a thoughtful process.

Aside from the aforementioned services, this innovative company will also work side by side with your realtor to ensure that your home is ready for market and in a quick and efficient manner. They will then return after the sale to complete the packing in time for the closing and to manage the transition to your new residence.

“Though they have a hard time admitting it, most people quickly realize that moving is very hard work and they simply cannot do it themselves. That is where we step in,” says Linnane. “We are on call to very discretely and gently assist and deliver. We invite you to stop by the gold building at 990 Paradise Road in Vinnin Square to learn more about how we can help.”

For more information or to schedule a complimentary visit, call 781-631-7588 or go to