To the editor,

Clearly, the purpose of the Opinion page should not be to engage in point-and-counterpoint personal attacks between writers with opposing points of view. But, since the Times persists in printing the most delusional, and just-plain-hateful, rants of one of its “contributors,” some reply is in order.

The most recent case in point is the letter “Scarier times head for LGBT+” of March 15. The writer’s fear should not be for what he is, but of being called out for his consistently outrageous printed material. His lumping of supporters of the “party of Lincoln” devolving “into a party of supremacists, fundamental Christian nationalists, treasonous insurrectionists, and yes, neo-fascists” is not only inaccurate, it’s hateful, and serves only to divide a nation in deep need of healing. By his sweeping aggregation, he is bigotry personified!

Not satisfied with the above aggregation, he goes on to rail against “the right-wing media, Christian nationalists and white supremacists movements … who are trying to take the country” and make things “scary for LGBT Americans.” I must give him credit for having a vivid imagination, but spare us the notion that the groups he enumerates are anything other than very, very small fringe groups that do not represent the party of Lincoln.

Under four years of the “party of Lincoln” in the White House, we had:

  • A much more secure southern boarder.
  • No new wars.
  • No shameful means of withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • Real wage growth for the middle class, minorities and youth.
  • Energy independence — vital in an increasingly dangerous world.
  • A military that was taught how to win wars, not indoctrinated with WOKE nonsense ( e.g. “understanding White rage”, the dangers of global warming and designing of maternity flight suits) — no surprise that recruitment is now way down.
  • 1.6% (vs 6% to 8%) inflation.
  • Lower rate of violent crime in our major cities.
  • Women’s sports limited to biological women.
  • Selection of Cabinet members based upon their qualifications, not skin color, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Nothing like the BLM, LGBTQ, gender-based, DEI divisiveness that has flourished in the last two years.

So, he has an all-consuming hatred of Trump, fine, (I‘m not a fan of his personal demeanor), but stop the malicious slander of decent people who happen to be Republicans or Independents and appreciate the comparative results of the policies of the present and the preceding administration.

Fred Young


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