Handsome Senior cat Buddy here! I guess you could say I am like a fine piece of furniture. I am attractive and a conversation piece but I really don't like being messed with too much. When first arriving here I was not a fan of human interaction but the wonderful staff here knew with a little time I would open up. They let me have my space and settle in on my own terms and before they knew it I was making friends and winning over peoples hearts. I don't do well with change and it was hard for me to adjust to the shelter life especially since my mom had to leave me when she went to assisted living. I like to have a few constant people in my life and I would do great in a home with one or two people who can really take the time getting to know me. . Don't be offended if we aren't snuggling during your first visit, it may take a couple of meetings for me to feel comfortable with you. Once I do know you I enjoy attention, pets under the chin or on my head. I may look big and tough but I am afraid of quick movements so I would do best in an adult only home. I like to play and enjoy chasing toys of all kinds around and lounging in a cozy cat bed. Do you think your home could be right for me? Then come and meet me today! I am considered a special needs adoption because I have a condition called Entropion, the veterinarian here says I have had this condition for many years and it does not appear to be currently affecting my quality of life although I did have some trouble and discomfort from my teeth so the docotor here did a dental and I am much happier and able to eat without discomfort now!