The Boston Pops Orchestra, under the direction of Keith Lockhart, performs a musical video tribute, "Summon the Heroes" — featuring the work originally composed by John Williams for the 1996 Olympic Games— as a tribute to today’s first responders who are providing critical and needed services during the Covid-19 epidemic. John Williams joins the virtual tribute with a musical and spoken introduction taped from his home studio in Los Angeles.

The Boston Pops musicians themselves conceived of the idea of a “virtual orchestra” rendition of Summon the Heroes as the perfect piece of music to honor Covid-19 front line and essential workers. Nearly 80 musicians recorded their individual parts in their basement, kitchen, living room, or bedroom!

John Williams wrote Summon the Heroes for the 1996 Olympic Games, marking the 100th anniversary of the modern Olympic Games. Dedicated to the Boston Pops principal trumpet at the time, Tim Morrison, the work was also recorded by the Boston Pops as part of a CD of the same name.

BSO Recording Engineer Nick Squire and Video Engineer Brandon Cardley, working from their homes, edited the audio and video from 86 individually submitted video files to create the musicians’ gift to all who are giving so much of themselves during this time.

This performance is sponsored by the New Balance Foundation.

Participating musicians of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops Orchestra

–First Violins–

Alexander Velinzon - Associate Concertmaster – BSO & BPO

Elita Kang - Assistant Concertmaster – BSO & BPO

Yuncong Zhang

Lucia Lin

Bo Youp Hwang

Jennie Shames

Tatiana Dimitriades

Wendy Putnam

Glen Cherry

Lisa Ji Eun Kim

–Second Violins–

Julianne Lee - Assistant Principal – BSO/Principal - BPO

Sheila Fiekowsky

Nicole Monahan

Bonnie Bewick

James Cooke

Victor Romanul

Catherine French

Jason Horowitz

Ala Jojatu

Bracha Malkin


Steven Ansell - Principal - BSO

Cathy Basrak - Assistant Principal – BSO/ Principal - BPO

Danny Kim

Rebecca Gitter

Rachel Fagerburg

Daniel Getz

Rebekah Edewards

Kathryn Sievers

Mary Ferrillo

Steven O. Laraia


Blaise Déjardin - Principal - BSO

Oliver Aldort - Assistant Principal – BSO/ Principal – BPO

Mihail Jojatu

Martha Babcock

Owen Young

Mickey Katz

Alexandre Lecarme

Adam Esbensen


Edwin Barker - Principal - BSO

Lawrence Wolfe - Assistant Principal – BSO/ Principal - BPO

Dennis Roy

Joseph Hearne

Todd Seeber

John Stovall

Thomas Van Dyck

Carl Anderson


Elizabeth Ostling - Associate Principal – BSO/ Principal - BPO

Clint Foreman


Cynthia Meyers


John Ferrillo - Principal - BSO

Mark McEwen

–English Horn–

Robert Sheena


William R. Hudgins - Principal - BSO

Michael Wayne

Thomas Martin - Associate Principal & E-flat clarinet – BSO/Principal - BPO


Richard Ranti - Associate Principal – BSO/Principal - BPO

Suzanne Nelsen


Gregg Henegar


James Sommerville - Principal - BSO

Richard Sebring - Associate Principal – BSO/Principal - BPO

Rachel Childers

Michael Winter

Jason Snider


Thomas Rolfs - Soloist and Principal – BSO & BPO

Benjamin Wright

Thomas Siders - Associate Principal – BSO & BPO

Michael Martin


Toby Oft - Principal – BSO & BPO

Stephen Lange

–Bass Trombone–

James Markey


Mike Roylance - Principal – BSO & BPO


Timothy Genis


J. William Hudgins

Daniel Bauch - Assistant Timpanist

Kyle Brightwell

Matthew McKay


Jessica Zhou - Principal – BSO & BPO

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