Coastal waters east of Ipswich Bay and the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

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As we sit to answer the clamor for yet another FishOn magnus opus, we see that the sun is shining, the winds have calmed and the boys, Foster and Willie, are saddled up and waiting imperiously at the door, threatening an indoor magnus opus of their own.

We here at FishOn like to spend a few moments each day in earnest reflection of the great matters before us, trying to light the lamp of understanding about those forces that shape all human endeavor. You know, the usual crap.

BOSTON — Members of the all-Democratic Massachusetts congressional delegation are pushing to include more East Coast seafood in purchasing agreements funded by the federal Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.

The New England Fishery Management Council has scheduled two more webinar public hearings on its draft groundfish monitoring amendment and extended the public comment deadline to the end of June.


The Massachusetts seafood industry is set to receive $28 million of the $300 million in federal fisheries assistance — the highest amount of any state after Alaska and Washington, NOAA Fisheries told federal legislators Thursday in an email obtained by the Gloucester Daily Times.

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It's official: There will be no St. Peter's Fiesta this June.


We here at FishOn remain hunkered down, our faces masked, our glasses fogged. We are resolute in the face, the viral face if viruses have faces, of the whole COVID-19 global tour. We are Dudley Do-Right to its Snidely Whiplash. We are Smiley to its Karla. We say vaya con Dios to Texas and go…

Fishing stakeholders are urging Congress to expand federal assistance in the next round of funding to include fishing-related nonprofit associations and Northeast fishing sectors to help them keep their employees working during the pandemic.


The next edition of Gloucester's popular Bluefin Blowout tuna fishing tournament will not occur until 2021.


Illinois-based Mazzetta Company has finally sold the Gloucester facility that housed its Gloucester Seafood Processing operations. It was sold to The Grossman Companies for $9.3 million, according to records obtained from the Essex County Register of Deeds.

In an effort to provide some solace from the sea to those marooned at home, the staff and board of Schooner Adventure in Gloucester have put together a list of nautical literature to enjoy.


AMESBURY — In business since 1793, Lowell's Boat Shop has continued to produce wooden skiffs and dories while enduring many national challenges — including the Spanish Flu in 1918, and the COVID-19 pandemic today. One notable adjustment included having a woman, Eleanor Lowell, run the shop w…


We here at FishOn thought this was the year. No Tom barking signals for the Pats for the first time in almost a quarter century. Bill looking for the next man up, someone like us, someone by God, who prizes ball security as much as he does. We may not be able to throw it, but we can hold ont…


A judge's ruling that the federal government didn't take adequate steps to protect endangered whales will probably result in another months-long court battle, parties to the lawsuit said.

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Federal ocean managers are asking mariners to keep going slow east of Boston and around Cape Ann because rare North Atlantic right whales are in the area.


The Atlantic bluefin tuna season left much to be desired last year in both the quality and condition of the large pelagics and that got Capt. Dave Marciano of "Wicked Tuna" fame thinking about Molly Lutcavage.


The market for their clams has all but disappeared into the swirl of the COVID-19 pandemic and the prices for their live product have followed the same precarious spiral. For local commercial clammers, there is little good news right now.

Well, Happy Patriots Day everyone, though it doesn't really feel like Patriots Day, does it? No Boston Marathon. No Sox-Indians in the annual morning tilt at Fenway. Just a world in lockdown and all of us dressed like the James Gang.


Gloucester's public boat ramps and landings remained closed to recreational vessels and fishermen on Friday as the city pushes to develop protocols that would allow it to safely reopen the facilities to all vessels when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

Gloucester has temporarily closed all public landings and boat ramps to recreational vessels because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they remain open to emergency responders and licensed commercial fishing vessels.

BOSTON — Lawyers filed a lawsuit Wednesday seeking the release of sick and elderly prisoners being held at a federal detention center in Massachusetts.

The New England Fishery Management Council voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to postpone final action on the draft groundfish monitoring amendment to accommodate commercial fishermen trying to survive the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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BOSTON — Federal ocean managers are asking mariners to slow down east of Boston and Cape Ann because of a new sighting of rare whales in the area.


We here at FishOn are in full uniform. We are masked up and double-gloved. We slosh around in clown shoes filled with Purell. The rest of us is wrapped completely in self-firing bubble wrap. Anybody gets too close to us at grocery store, we're going off like Jiffy Pop. Don't say we didn't warn you.


Tom Orrell has run the Yankee Fleet recreational charter business since 2008 and he has weathered everything that nature and fishing regulators have hurled his way. Closed areas. Shrinking bag limits. No ability to catch cod.

It might be difficult to fathom while we reside in the belly of the beast, but information being compiled by NOAA on the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the U.S. commercial seafood industry could improve the agency's response in future natural disasters and economic crises.

We here at FishOn really wanted to throw you FishOners a changeup — el cambio — this week with a column that was completely devoid of any mention of the novel coronavirus and its evil sidekick COVID-19. Something light, maybe funny, but at least testament that inanity is not dead.

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