No more stimulus checks on the horizon and the tax refunds already spent or promised. What's left on the hopeful financial horizons for poor FishOners such as ourselves?

How about this? The Seaport Economic Council, which frankly has not been afraid to send a buck or two up Route 128 to Gloucester, is launching a new grant program. And there's a million bucks in the kitty.

The BlueTech Tech and Innovation Grant program (no, we're not wild about the use of the back-to-back Techs, either) is seeking proposals from municipalities, entrepreneurs and technology firms interested “in developing innovative solutions to improve the economies of our marine industries and coastal communities.”

Applicants are encouraged to propose business or technology solutions focusing on commercial fishing, aquaculture, maritime monitoring or security, shipping, marine biotechnology, offshore renewable energy and songs that involve partridges and pear trees. Not really. Yet, why not?

The new $1 million grant program is following up on the Seaport Economic Council's Grand Challenge Grant program in 2018. That program awarded $450,000. So this is more.

The new grant program will be managed by the MassTech Collaborative on behalf of the council.

“The BlueTech Tech and Innovation grant will further strengthen our state's position as a leader in marine and Blue Tech innovation,” said none other than former Gloucester Mayor Caroline Kirk, now the executive director of MassTech. "Our investments in Massachusetts innovators have shown how this type of cross-sector collaboration can crate long term and sustained economic benefits."

Applications can be found at

The deadline for proposals is May 26. So, get yourself a good idea and get going.

FishOn baseball quiz question

On April 11, 1961, Red Sox left fielder Carl Yastrzemski debuted and recorded the first of his 3,419 career hits with a second-inning single off Roy Herbert of the Kansas City A's.

In the same inning, Yaz also threw out Leo Posada of the A's at home plate for his first career outfield assist. Where does Yaz stand on the all-time outfield assists list? The answer is overthrowing the cutoff man down below.

Early run at spring, what Holmes?

Last Wednesday evening about 7:45, Coast Guard personnel from stations Merrimack River and Portsmouth (New Hampshire) responded to a report of “a disabled and adrift” jet ski with one person on board in the waters off Hampton Beach. Firefighters from the Hampton, N.H., Fire Department joined them.

They rescued the operator and recovered the Jet Ski, all ship shape. The Coast Guard, wagging that Friday night, listen up index finger, pointed out the incident could have had a different conclusion.

“This case could have deteriorated as temperatures fell through the evening, if not for a tremendous response from Coast Guard and Hampton Fire crews,” said Cmdr. Mark Neland, the deputy sector commander of Coast Guard sector Northern New England and the mission coordinator for the jet ski search and rescue. “It highlights the importance of continuing to follow cold water safety measures even as air temperatures rise throughout the region.”

So, a teaching moment.

The Coast Guard reminds the hardy that ocean temperatures currently are holding below 40 degrees “and the cold water can quickly incapacitate a person and make it difficult to signal for help.”

It offers precautions for kayakers, stand-up paddle boarders, surfers and boaters:

Review safety gear – lifejackets, navigation technology, communications and fire fighting equipment -- prior to departure. Check.

Dress appropriately. Wear a lifejacket, drysuit or westsuit. But not that tie. Check.

File a float plan with “a responsible person ashore” (hmmm, potential problem, this) about when and where you're going and when you'll return. Check. Check and checkmate.

Adventure revealed

Schooner Adventure, which has been docked and under winter wrap since October 2019, finally shed its plastic skin on Saturday morning in what its organizers hope is the first step toward a normal sailing season.

“Our volunteers have been amazing during these last 14 months, looking after and maintaining the ship and related infrastructure,” Stefan Edick, executive director of Adventure Gloucester Inc. wrote in an email. “We are well and truly fortunate that they are so dedicated and talented.”

More on Adventure and Gloucester's other schooners — Thomas E. Lannon and Ardelle — as the season approaches.

FishOn baseball quiz answer

Carl Michael Yastrzemski, as an outfielder, threw out 195 runners in his 23-year career. That ties him with Willie Mays at No. 57 on the all-time outfield assist list. Sox Hall of Famer Tris Speaker is lapping the field with 449.

Why would they keep running on him?

As always, no fish were harmed in the making of this column. 

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