It’s Memorial Day. Happy Memorial Day. As is our want on holidays, we here at FishOn are going to dispense with the usual long and winding road and head to the heart of the matter: The quicker we get to the items, the quicker you can attend to your holiday pursuits, be they trivial or significant.

It also means that we here at FishOn will complete the win-win daily double by starting our holiday weekend with more alacrity. And we say woof to that.

Cummings and goings

The Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute got good news and a bunch of loot recently when it was awarded a $100,000 grant from the Cummings Foundation.

GMGI will receive the funds, which are part of the foundation’s $25 Million Grant program. And how is it that none of those funds have been funneled to the Baseball Committee to Revive the Bunt? Funded by the Department of Agriculture — roll with us, it’s an involved tale — we seek the demise of the designated hitter. It’s not personal.

Apparently, we digressed. 

“We are incredibly grateful for the Cummings partnership and their support of important work this funding will make possible,” said Chris Bolzan, GMGI’s executive director.

Huzzahs all around.

FishOn special Memorial Day baseball quiz question

On this date in 1961, Red Sox reserve outfielder Carroll Hardy earned two historic distinctions in the BoSox 7-6 loss to the Yankees at Fenway Park. What were they? The answer resides further on down the road.

New striped bass rules. Someone should tell the fish

The state Division of Marine Fisheries has made several adjustments to the commercial striped bass rules for 2021. And since that is a popular fishery, we thought we’d pass them along at absolutely no extra cost.

The season will open on June 16, which is a Wednesday if you’re scoring at home. Through Sept. 30, the schedule will include three open fishing days — Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Oct. 1, as long as the 735,240 pounds of quota have not been taken, the schedule will increase to five open fishing days — Monday through Friday.

The commercial fishery will close Nov. 15, as long as quota remains.

“As the open fishing days are now consecutive, commercial fishermen will be afforded the opportunity to fish overnight tides spanning open fishing days,” DMF stated.

Fishermen may retain, land and sell fish on Monday, resume fishing again on Monday and continue fishing into Tuesday morning. That’s a lot of fishing.

“However, if doing so, they may not possess or sell more than one limit during any single calendar day,” DMF said. “All other commercial striped bass rules will remain the same this year.”

That means minimum size for keepers is 35 inches, and the daily possession and landing limit of 15 fish remains in force for boat-based permits, with a two-fish limit for all other commercial striped bass fishing activity.

Consider thyself informed. 

Go local, eat good

Raise your hand if you remember the old, as in petrifiably ancient, joke: What do you get when you merge Stop & Shop with the A&P? The answer is residing with your 4-year-old. It’s that kind of joke.

No joke, this: Stop & Shop is using the Memorial Day weekend to kick off its annual local seafood program, whereby it will stock its seafood cases at more than 100 stores with seafood from well-known local seafood purveyors.

Hereabouts, we luck out with the Ipswich Shellfish Group out of Ipswich. So we’ve got that going for us.

“In store, customers can look for dedicated ‘shop local’ signage in their seafood department, as well as a chalkboard easel featuring the catch of the day,” the venerable grocer said in promotion of the event.

Selection will vary by store and the Stop & Shop website will provide recipes for utilizing the local fare.

Never hurts to have another place to buy local seafood. So go get yourself some. 

FishOn special Memorial Day baseball quiz answer

In the bottom of the eighth, with Luis Arroyo on the hill for the Bombers, Red Sox manager Mike “Pinky” Higgins sent Hardy to the plate as a pinch hitter for leftfielder Carl Yastrzemski. It was the only time anyone pinch hit for Yaz in his 22-year career. It also made Hardy the only player ever to pinch hit, individually and collectively, for both Yastrzemski and Ted Williams. On Sept. 20, 1960, Williams fouled a ball off his foot in the midst of a first-inning at-bat and left the game. Hardy replaced him and finished the at-bat by lining into a double play. 

Hardy also replaced Williams in left field on Sept. 28, 1961, after The Kid homered in his final major league game. Higgins waited until Williams took his spot in front of the Green Monster before sending Hardy out. “They booed me all the way out and cheered him all the way in,” Hardy said in 2009 to the Los Angeles Times.

As always, no fish were harmed in the making of this column. 

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