Photos courtesy of MPN Eric Lorden, chef at Passports Restaurant on Main Street in Gloucester demonstrates the best way to fillet a fish. Lorden, who lives in Rockport with his family, came to Gloucester in 1993 to be chef at El Caliente and then the Square Cafe. But in 1995 he opened Passports because he wanted to have the ability to try cooking various cuisines and combinations of cuisines from anywhere around the world.

Filleting a whole fish is easier than you probably think and allows you to buy fresher fish for less money — plus you can use the leftover fish to make fish stock. Chef Eric Lorden of Passports on Main Street in Gloucester shows you how to do it in a couple of minutes. Don't worry about being perfect because you will get most of the fish anyway. The one thing you will need is a sharp knife.

In today's Living section, Chef Lorden demonstrates how to filet a fish, but online at gloucestertimes.com/food, you will find additional videos of him making lobster sandwiches and hobo packs of haddock.

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Two filets


Step 1 - Start by cutting diagonally right below the pectoral fin (right behind the fish head) until you reach the backbone.

Step 2 - From the top of the backbone take the knife and slowly slice down along the bones as far down as you can.

Step 3 - Turn the fish and continue slicing all the way to the tail section.

Step 4 - After repeating and removing both filets, hold the tail area of the filet by the skin and carefully cut the skin away from the flesh.

Step 5 - Carefully inspect the fish filet and feel for any bones, which should be removed.

Step 6 - Add the fish carcass and the skin pieces to two gallons of water, vegetable scraps and a tablespoon of Old Bay seasoning and boil for thirty minutes to make a fish stock. Strain. If you do not use the stock right away you can freeze it for later use.

Instructions courtesy of Chef Eric Lorden, Passports Restaurant, 2009.

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