What we eat during the Game:

30 percent: Dips and spreads

22 percent: Chicken wings.

17 percent: Pizza.

14 percent: Chips and salty snacks; including 4,000 tons of popcorn and 14,500 tons of chips.

9 percent: Burgers, hot dogs and brats.

1,200 calories: Amount the average watcher will consume while snacking.

69.6 million pounds of avocados, enough to cover Cowboys Stadium field in almost 27 feet of avocados. Most are used to make the 8 million pounds of guacomole consumed, according to the Hass Avocado Board.

90 million pounds of chicken wings, or 450 million individual wings!

Other trivia:

Most popular take-out and delivery items: Pizza, chicken wings, and sandwiches.

No. 1: Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest winter grilling day of the year.

No. 2: Only on Thanksgiving do we consume more food.

17: Average number of people at a Super Bowl party.

6 percent: People who call in sick Monday after the game.

20 percent: Increase in antacid sales Monday, according to 7-Eleven.

54 percent: Of Americans will consume coffee the next morning.

$10.1 billion, or an average of $59.33 per consumer: Estimated spending in the United States on Super Bowl-related merchandise, apparel and snacks, up from $8.9 billion, or $52.63 per consumer, last year, according to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association.

Sources: Reuters, Supervalu stores, advertising.about.com, yumsugar.com Compiled by Andrea Holbrook

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