Here is the scoop: Gloucester's corner store creamery is closed.

Salah's Scoops, one of Gloucester's only full-serve and year-round ice cream shops, served up its last cold treats on Sunday, Oct. 6, as George's of Gloucester coffeeshop next door at 178 Washington St, looks to remodel. Dean Salah owns both eateries.

"Moving forward we will remodel the existing space and open with an exciting extension of our flagship George's of Gloucester!!" wrote Salah in a Facebook post, notifying the community of the ice cream shop's last day. 

"As I look forward with this vision that I have pondered for some time, I definitely feel that the decision to close Salah's Scoops will certainly impact our loyal customers," continued Salah.

The ice cream shop has served this seaside community for 17 seasons. While the building was purchased by Salah's grandfather in 1918, it was not until the early 2000s that the ice cream shop opened its doors to the public. 

"All of a sudden, I had a brainstorm," Salah said.

Salah's daughter, Brittany, worked at an ice cream shop which inspired the restaurant owner to try his hand in selling desserts in addition to the well-known portions of breakfast that served daily at George's Coffee Shop. 

Brittany Salah remembers the day her father opened Salah's Scoops. "The whole family came down, including my great aunt," Brittany said. "You could tell she was so proud." 

As numerous sports teams would pile in over the years, Brittany recollects how her father "would always treat them" to a scoop. 

For the first few years, Salah's Scoops was only open during the summer months. 

"But then I realized that there was a need of ice cream year round," Dean Salah said. 

So even in winter, customers came calling for a chance to get a taste of summer. 

"It would be snowing and they would be eating hot fudge sundaes," laughed Salah. 

Of the 35 flavors of Richardson's Ice Cream served, "the most popular was vanilla," Salah said. Following the classic, Salah listed chocolate, coffee Heath Bar yogurt, moose tracks, and death by chocolate. 

A sign taped to the front of the store now informs people of the news. On Monday, heads occasionally peeked inside and comments were made such as "Where am I going to go now?" and "This is so sad."

When Salah announced the news on Facebook, Sebastian Asaro, Salah's godson and former employee, wrote, "My first job, where I met my wife, and where I spent so many summer afternoons in the early days."

"I have so many memories of growing up behind that counter," Asaro continued. "I understand the decision to close it, but it will definitely be missed." 

Salah had originally thought about remodeling the space for a bigger ice cream shop, but decided against the idea as it did not allow room for what he would want to do. 

While decisions are still being made of how the remodeling will impact the coffee shop, Salah emphasized that George's huge pancakes and coffee aren't going anywhere. 

"Nothing is changing at George's," said Salah. "It is business as usual."

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