BOSTON (AP) — A day after Massachusetts residents trying to sign up for a coronavirus vaccine were frustrated by a website crash, they encountered a different problem on Friday: a lack of open appointments.

About 60,000 people were able to sign up for a slot on Thursday even though the signup portal was down for about two hours in the morning. State officials said there were no more openings available at mass vaccination sites in Boston, Foxborough, Danvers, Natick, Dartmouth and Springfield.

People who went to on Friday to book an appointment were told none were available.

A statement from state health officials said "a small number of appointments for other locations," including pharmacies and regional collaboratives, would be posted over the next few days.

"Currently, approximately one million residents are now eligible and because supply is still severely limited by the federal government, it is expected to take at least a month for residents to book appointments," the statement said.

Meanwhile, the state vendor responsible for the signup portal apologized for the crash.

"As public health servants and your partner, we are sorry for not meeting expectations," Prep Mod said in a statement Thursday. "Unfortunately, the system did not scale fast enough to accommodate the increased volume. We will work continuously to ensure that the system is responsive to and accommodating for the people seeking COVID-19 vaccinations."

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