BOSTON (AP) — With delivery being disrupted by winter storms, Baker said Thursday he would consider sending the National Guard to southern states to collect shipments of COVID-19 vaccines earmarked for Massachusetts.

“We may have some real issues with supply delivery this week,” Baker said in a remote address to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. “We have been told it would be a few days late, based on some of the issues around weather in other parts of the country."

They said approval from the federal government may be needed.

“We’re currently talking to the National Guard about, and they will do this, about going down to Kentucky and Tennessee, which is where this stuff is currently located, and bringing it back,” Baker said. “And what we just need to do is make sure that the federal government is going to let the National Guard do this for us.”

Given the current pace of vaccinations, the state can't afford to go a week without getting any new doses, he said.

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