BOSTON — Gov. Charlie Baker cast his ballot early Tuesday morning, but the state’s highest elected Republican opted not to vote for the nation’s highest elected office.

After voting at First Church on Monument Avenue in Swampscott, Baker told reporters that he was “disappointed” that he had not voted for president for the first time in his voting life.

“I said many months ago that I wasn’t going to be able to support Donald Trump for a number of reasons and that Hillary Clinton had believability problems,” Baker said, according to the Boston Herald. “And nothing’s happened in the past nine months to change my mind on that.”

In email to his supporters Tuesday, Baker wrote that “the presidential election is going to get a lot of buzz” before outlining his positions on other choices before voters —there are 48 contested legislative elections Tuesday and Baker has sided with Republicans in many of those contests.

The governor said he voted for Republican Anne Manning-Martin for Essex County sheriff, no on Question 1, yes on Question 2, yes on Question 3 and no on Question 4.“I’m looking forward to seeing that Massachusetts voters do the same,” he said, according to the Herald.

While he’s stayed far away from the presidential race, Baker has campaigned in favor of Question 2, which would expand access to charter schools, and against Question 4, which would legalize the adult use of marijuana.

Question 2 pitted Baker against Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, with whom Baker has enjoyed a warm relationship. Mary Anne Marsh, a Democratic strategist from the Dewey Square Group, said both Baker and Walsh put a lot of political capital into the ballot fight.

“That is refreshing. That’s exactly what they should be doing,” Marsh said on WBZ radio Tuesday morning. “Both have been very popular, both of them have a lot of political capital and they’re spending it. Very smart politics.”

Tuesday afternoon, Baker is expected to visit GOP campaign volunteers at MassGOP’s Victory Office in Pembroke. While many state Republicans will be in Braintree for the Trump campaign results watch party Tuesday night, Baker has said he plans to stay home.=

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