Bar owners try to ID suspects in theft of treasured album

Courtesy photoThe man seen in this still image from surveillance footage outside the Crow's Nest on Main Street appears to show the man walking away from the bar with the missing photo album.

There may be a break in the great Crow's Nest caper.

The owners of the Main Street bar, who had a treasured and largely irreplaceable photo album stolen on Sunday, have pulled still photos from surveillance video that appear to show the alleged perpetrators with the photo album after leaving the bar.

The surveillance photos show four unidentified individuals — two men and two women — on the Main Street sidewalk opposite Rose Marine.

One shot, taken from above and behind one of the men, clearly shows him holding a red book in his left hand.

"What's that in his left hand?" owner Mary Anne Shatford said, viewing the photo. "That's our album."

The photo album is one of the touchstones of the legendary bar that was made internationally famous through its portrayal in the 2000 Gloucester-centric feature film "The Perfect Storm."

The album contains dozens of photos taken during the filming of the movie, including some that show the stars of the film — George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Diane Lane et al — in candid moments with owners Shatford and Gregg Sousa, other family members and bar patrons.

The collection also served as an archive of longtime patrons and regulars from the Nest's extended family, many of whom have passed on.

Late Sunday afternoon, near the change of shift, Shatford and bartender Bob Masjoan noticed the album — kept below the bar for ready access by interested patrons — was missing.

The last time they remembered seeing it was in the possession of four unfamiliar individuals — two men and two women — sitting at the closed end of the bar.

Once the two couples left, the staff discovered the album was missing.

Shatford said she planned to visit some of the Nest's commercial neighbors along Main Street to see if their video surveillance might have picked up more identifiable footage of the individuals and possibly the make and registration of their vehicle.

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