Gloucester's Main Street will be busy for the next few days as the city works to improve the sewers and drains downtown. 

General contractor N. Granese & Sons will be working on Main Street this week between addresses 248 and 289 to eliminate the connection point between the sewer and drainage system and the harbor. 

"The work will eliminate that connection point to the harbor," Director of Public Works Michael Hale said. 

Before Rogers Street was created, as Hale explained, now-filled Vincent's Cove led up to where Halibut Point Restaurant sits on Main Street. With the ocean so close, there was a sewer main that allowed excess sewage to discharge into the Harbor. 

"It hasn't done this is decades," Hale specified.

The current construction aims to cut off that connection point between the sewer and the ocean and eliminate the chance of sewage getting out and salt water coming in. 

"That connection back to the main sewer is there and, in theory, sewage could get out but the likely option — with the rising tides, climate change, and storm surge — you have a greater chance of salt water coming into the sewer system," Hale said. 

The construction began Wednesday and is scheduled to finish by the end of the week, Hale said. 

The city is expecting the work to take three to five days within the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

As visitors and residents look for parking, they will note that "no parking" signs are posted on traffic barrels that list 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. as restricted hours. 

"The major thing is the loss of parking in that general area of the contractors due to narrowness of Main Street," Hale said. 

Six parking spaces are being impacted and the construction area is open to traffic. 

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