Family on global expedition coming to Gloucester

Courtesy photoThe Schwoerer family will speak about their travels on Top to Top Global Climate Expedition, sponsored by the United Nations, at Sawyer Free Library on Tuesday evening.

A family of seven that has been traveling the world “all by hand” so to speak, but really on foot, biking, climbing, hiking, sailing, comes to Gloucester this week. 

The Schwoerer family, originally from Switzerland, are arriving on the Pachamama, the expedition sailboat named for the Inca Earth Mother. With video, photos, and firsthand accounts of adventure around the globe, they will present their fascinating story at the Sawyer Free Library on Tuesday, Nov. 1, at 7 p.m. 

The Schwoerers — parents Dario and Sabine, siblings Saline, Noe, Andri, Allegra and Mia, and their tutor Christina — will talk about their journey, field work, and education initiatives to preserve and protect the planet. 

“It is predicted that the Arctic Ocean will be an 'open sea' and that the ice cover during the summer months will have entirely disappeared within 20 years, and most of the decrease will happen before 2020, and we saw the beginning of that on our expedition,” Capt. Dario Schwoerer said.

He will also talk about the sailing vessel's work opening a shorter route through the Northwest Passage.

The family began sailing 15 years ago aboard the Pachamama for the Top to Top Global Climate Expedition, sponsored by the United Nations and Victorinox. The expedition's purpose is to champion environmental concerns of climate warming, pollution, and use of renewable energy sources. The Schwoerers have visited all continents and climate areas, spoken to thousands of schoolchildren, and climbed some of the world’s highest peaks. 

Plans are underway for them to visit in the Gloucester schools. 

Visit to read the Schwoerers' blog and learn more about the entire expedition.

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