The search for 59-year-old Abbie Flynn of Gloucester, who went missing on Super Bowl Sunday, has gone underwater. 

Massachusetts State Police confirmed at 2 p.m. Wednesday that they searched around a breakwater earlier in the day. No further details of where this search took place could be disclosed during the time of call. 

Meanwhile, friends and family of Flynn printed out 5,000 flyers and planned to paste them across the city Wednesday. 

Katerina Shim Jensen Graham, a fellow high school classmate of Flynn's, headed the distribution of the flyers. 

"We all know it's not 'what' you know, but sometimes 'who' you know that can carry the ball forward," Graham wrote on her Facebook wall. She encouraged others to share the photo of Flynn and keep the search going. 

On Tuesday, nine days into the search for Flynn, state police searched with a side-sonar device across Brace Cove. 

Gloucester Police Detective Thomas Quinn reported to Kim Smith of how the sonar search works. 

"The sonar can see the bottom of the seabed for about thirty to forty feet. The boat will crisscross Brace Cove until the floor of the cove has been thoroughly scanned. Sometimes rocks or other anomalies get in the way and they return to an area," Smith wrote on her website

The State Police said that nothing was located during Tuesday's search. 

As of Wednesday morning, police Chief Edward Conley said there are no updates about the case, and no credible new leads. 

As police and others work to find the Gloucester resident, any information about Flynn's whereabouts should be reported to the Gloucester Police at 978-283-1212.

Staff writer Taylor Ann Bradford can be reached at 978-675-2705 or

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