Dear Readers:

The coronavirus has us all on edge.

People are out of work. Schools are cancelled. Restaurants and businesses are closed.

Rest assured, however, that your hometown journalists at the Gloucester Daily Times are hard at work to provide you with reliable, timely information during this time of crisis.

We, like you, are dealing with a public health and economic crisis — the dimensions of which we have never experienced before. Despite the challenges, the Gloucester Daily Times remains firmly committed to delivering your news in print and online. We have a responsibility to you -- especially in times of emergency — to provide news that is verified, accurate and relevant. This is a commitment that we take seriously.

In the interest of caution and safety, newsroom staff and other employees are working from home whenever possible, with the exception of those necessary for the production and distribution of the newspaper.

Reporters working remotely are checking with government and health officials throughout the day for information on how the outbreak affects your public safety, schools and hospitals. They are diligently providing other useful news such as grocery-store hours, local closures, where to find help, how to avoid scams.

We know how vital this information is.

Therefore, as a public service during this crisis, non-subscribers also have access to our website's breaking news developments regarding COVID-19. Editors have also taken steps to compile all news about this emergency in one place — listed on the right-hand side of our homepage at —- for easy reference for subscribers.

We continue to count on you, our loyal readers, to contact us with news tips and important information we should know. Please email, editor David Olson at, or managing editor Andrea Holbrook at

It is our intent to be your primary source of local information on the coronavirus. We pursue this goal despite the economic impact the crisis is having on our bottom line. (Unfortunately, store closures and reduced business activity mean advertising losses for the newspaper.)

I encourage you to subscribe, if you haven't already done so, to help support the local journalism we work so hard to produce. Please call 800-836-7800 for details.

Finally, I hope you will also support the other businesses and institutions in our community — whether you buy a gift card, order take-out, or send an extra donation to one of the many nonprofits that do such important work. These businesses and groups are critical to our local economy, and need support from all of us.

We have strong communities. We come together during times of crisis. We will get through this emergency together.

The Gloucester Daily Times remains committed to keeping you informed about the ever-changing story of coronavirus.


Karen Andreas

Karen Andreas is the regional publisher of the Gloucester Daily Times and North of Boston Media Group. Contact her at

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