Gloucester and Manchester voters selected former Vice President Joe Biden as the nation's president-elect even as votes were being tabulated across the country Tuesday night and late into Wednesday morning.

Biden trumped the incumbent with a total of 11,572, or 66.96%, of the votes cast in Gloucester, while the president received 5,308, 30.71%, votes. These are the unofficial results, according to the city clerk's office.

Libertarian Jo Jorgenson and Howie Hawkins of the Green Party were also in the race, but both had zero electoral votes and less than 1% of the nation's votes by 9 p.m.

Out of the city's 22,407 registered voters, 77.76% cast ballots.

The majority of Manchester voters have chosen former Vice President Joe Biden for president, according to preliminary results.

Biden received more than double the amount of votes President Donald Trump garnered at 2,645 to 1,007. Fifty-one people cast their votes for Libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen and 14 voted for Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins.

While the presidential election seemed to be the race gracing every headline and Instagram story from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Gloucester voters also got the chance to choose their preferred state leaders. 

Incumbent Edward J Markey clinched his own seat in the U.S. Senate against Kevin J. O’Connor with 67.96% of Gloucester votes. He also lead statewide giving him another six years in a role he knows well. 

All Democrats shut out their Republican opponents in Manchester. Markey bested O'Connor in the U.S. Senate race 2,486 to 1,203, and Rep. Seth Moulton beat challenger John Paul Moran 2,643 to 1,053.

Question 1, which asked voters to allow third-party car repair shops access to a car's operational data, got the OK from Manchester voters at 2,871 to 767. However, the majority voted against ranked-choice voting -- Question 2 saw 1,674 "yes" votes and 1,932 "no" votes.

In total, 3,717 ballots were cast at the 2020 state election in Manchester — around 4,400 voters were registered according to Interim Town Clerk Sharon George. 

Uncontested incumbents on the Gloucester ballot included Gloucester residents Eileen R. Duff of Gloucester as the 5th District representative to the Governor’s Council, Senate Minority Leader Bruce E. Tarr, and state Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante. 

Pamela Casey O’Brien of Saugus claimed the uncontested title of Register of Probate. 

As the nation keeps eyes peeled for the results of this year’s election, the process of how these politicians got this far may be just as interesting. 

Poll workers set their alarms for long before the sun was set to rise and registered voters zipped up their coats — and all wore masks — in preparation for election day.

Having worked the polls for 26 years, Ralph Strangman prefers the early voting.

"It slows down the people coming in to do the voting on the actual election day," he explained. "It goes much faster."

But this year, Strangman said, people consistently trickled into Gloucester High School's polling station all day.

As of 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Ward 3 Precinct 1 had 1,424 ballots cast by early, absentee, and walk-in. 

"There is considerable increase," Strangman said, explaining that during the 2016 presidential election the poling station had a total of 1,418 votes for that precinct.

"We've still got three more hours," he added. 

Michael Cronin contributed to this report.

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