At least one resident is thinking of possibly wresting control of the city from Mayor Carolyn Kirk.

Robert Goodick made the first tangible step in the race for mayor, having taking out taking out nomination papers, as has the mayor.

There is more than a month left to go before the Aug. 16 deadline to take out nomination papers for the 2011 city election, and besides Goodick, only two other non-incumbents have done so.

Richard Noonan, owner of Cape Ann Coffees, and chairman of the city's Planning Board, took out papers to run for councilor at large.

And former School Committeeman Jonathan Pope, president of the Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association, is seeking to rejoin the school panel.

So far, only three incumbents returned election papers. Melissa Teixeria will sit on the ballot for School Committee, and Paul McGeary and Sefatia Romeo-Theken will sit on the ballot for councilor-at-large. All other city councilors have taken out nomination papers for further terms.

But four-year School Committee member Michelle Sweet decided not to run this year, and she's the only one on the committee not to. Sweet said the committee's taken up a lot of her time, and as life gets busier, she said she wanted to spend more time with family.

"I've learned a lot, and it's been a great experience, but it's time to move and let somebody else in," she said.

That somebody could be Pope, who served on the committee for nearly 10 years, and spent a few as chairman as well. Pope could not be reached for comment on this story.

So far, Goodick is the only resident to come forward to challenge Kirk in her run this fall for a third term as mayor .Goodick, who declined to comment, took out papers last year, and did not return them, according to the City Clerk's office.

Kirk has not returned election papers, with the required number of signatures from registered voters, thus far.

Noonan, current chairman of the Planning Board, has served on the board for five years. He said he's running to further the city's economy, but has no hard and fast agenda. He said that he wanted to be a voice for growing local business.

"We'd like to build multiple economies in this city as we move forward," he said.

As of press time yesterday, Ann Mulcahey, Jackie Hardy, Bruce Tobey, Joe Ciolino, Bob Whynott, Greg Verga, and Steve Curcuru have not returned election papers for seats on the City Council.

Kathleen Clancy, Tony Gross, Val Gilman, and Roger Garberg have not returned election papers for School Committee.

For residents looking to run for local office, running for a ward councilor's seat requires 75 signatures; councilor at large requires 150 registered voters, as do nominations for seats on the School Committee. Mayoral candidates need 300 signatures.

The election will be Nov. 8.

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