ROCKPORT — Residents near Ocean Ledges condos were slightly shaken both emotionally and physically after hearing a louder-than-normal thunder clap this weekend. Turns out, lightning had stuck ground just a few feet away from them.

"That was the longest thunder I've ever heard," said Paul Morrison, a Rockport resident. "I was about two miles from where it hit. The thunder lasted for about 8 seconds."

Morrison said after hearing the thunder during Saturday's storm, he went on Facebook and saw "five or six people" near the Ocean Ledge condos posting about it. Later on, he got on his bike to investigate.

He says he found a dislodged piece of curb by the Granite Keystone Bridge. After walking a couple of feet into the nearby woods, he saw an approximately 50 foot long trench of dirt that appears to ricochet from tree to tree.

"There must of been a large piece of granite (that was hit)," he said. "There were large sections of silica around."

As a result of the strike, three calls were made to the Rockport Police Department regarding a power outage. Each was made between 6 and 7 p.m. Two callers reported the circuit breakers in their homes were malfunctioning. The Fire Department was dispatched to both houses to either shut off or reset their electrical systems.

According to Morrison, the electrician who was scheduled to install a dishwasher at his house this week had to reschedule. Too many calls from Saturday's storm have backed him up.

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