A Gloucester man is accused of buying a drug used to treat opioid addiction from a woman who police say had just filled her prescription.

Logan Ciaraldi, 57, of 180 Main St. Apt. 12, was arrested Wednesday afternoon on a charge of possession of a Class B drug — suboxone films. 

Police said they watched a Gloucester woman and her boyfriend go into the CVS on Railroad Avenue and come out with a bag that appeared to contain prescription. The couple met with a man, later identified as Ciaraldi,  then split up.

Ciaraldi made a phone call, and met with the woman on Smith Street. They went to an apartment on Pleasant Street and Ciaraldi left within three minutes, police said. When stopped on his bike, police said he lied about where he had been and about the drugs he had in possession. While he had a prescription for some of the drugs, police said he did not have one for the suboxone films.

Police say when they told Ciaraldi they would match the suboxone film numbers with those prescribed for the woman, he admitted buying them from her. He said the films usually cost $10 apiece. 

Police say they are seeking the woman, who will be charged with dealing suboxone.

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