Manchester reopens Gray Beach to swimming

Staff file photo/Testing has shown bacteria levels well below state limits and Manchester has reopened Gray Beach, also known as Magnolia Beach, to swimming.

MANCHESTER — Gray Beach, also known as Magnolia,  has reopened to swimming Wednesday after passing tests for a high level of bacteria.

The town had closed its end of the beach, located off Raymond Street, to swimming Tuesday after testing should unsafe amounts of  enterococci bacteria during weekly tests.

The tests showed 186 colony-forming units (CFUs) — or living individuals — of enterococci within 100 milliliters of water, where the state limit for bathing beaches is 104 CFUs. The bacteria can cause infections. 


Wednesday's beach water testing found 10 CFUs in 100 milliliters of water for the town portion of the beach.

The second beach water sample for this beach, which is taken weekly in the area of the Magnolia Beach Corporation & the Manchester Bath & Tennis Club, had already passed this week’s testing, the town announced. Tuesday's test showed 10 CFUs in 100 milliliters there.

Manchester's five other beaches — West Manchester aka Black Cove, Tuck’s Point, Singing, White and Black — have passed beach water quality testing. They and Magnolia Beach are all open to swimming.

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