A 14-foot double-ended rowing and sailing boat was installed at the Cape Ann Museum on Tuesday.

The boat — an original 1915 "peapod" on loan from the Mystic Seaport Museum in Connecticut — is part of the museum's upcoming exhibition, "Homer at the Beach: A Marine Painter’s Journey, 1869-1880," which opens Aug. 3 and runs to Dec. 1.

Renowned American artist Winslow Homer journeyed to a variety of marine destinations, from New Jersey to Maine, but especially—and repeatedly—to Gloucester and other parts of Cape Ann for his work.

The show of 51 original works by Homer will be the first close examination of Homer's formation as a marine painter, the museum said.  Period clothing, ship models, and historic photographs and prints will add context to the work. 

That's where the boat installed Tuesday comes in. Homer featured a peapod — indigenous to Maine, and used for inshore lobstering, fishing, and general utility such as tending lighthouses — in his work, including at least one piece in the show.

Workers devised a large sling that was mounted on the front and rear ends of the boat to aid with leveraging it up the staircase by the museum’s offices to its home for the show. 

The Cape Ann Museum will be the exhibition's sole venue.



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