Naked man found in yogi position on golf green

Larry Memhard/Courtesy photo/Gloucester police 

A man was escorted off the Bass Rocks Golf Club green Tuesday afternoon by Gloucester police after being found naked in yogi position. 

A 911 call from Thatcher Road at 1:14 p.m. reported that a man was having a mental episode and the caller was concerned for his well-being. 

Police found the man sitting naked in yogi position on a practice putting green at the corner of Moorland and Souther Road, Ward 1 Councilor Scott Memhard told the Times. 

Peter N. Hood Jr., general manager and director of golf at Bass Rocks Golf Club, declined to comment. 

The Gloucester Police Department has deemed the situation a mental health incident and will not be releasing any more information.

Memhard of 9 Graystone Road was present for the unraveling of Tuesday's events. 

"This guy ran through my yard and my dog chased after him," Memhard said. "Vera (Memhard's dog) was missing for about an hour and I was afraid that she had had been hit by a car or kidnapped."

Memhard explained that his son, Larry Memhard, reported that the man stripped down after he crossed Beach Road, leaving his clothes and shoes on the golf course. 

"The police had to carry him off in the yogi position," Memhard wrote in an email to the Times.

After posting a photo of the incident on his Facebook page, Memhard received almost a hundred comments. 

"It is my most shared post," he said. 

Some Facebook users claimed that Memhard's photograph was fake and that it poked fun at a Gloucester missing person case.

Abbie Flynn, 59, went missing from her Saint Louis Avenue home around 4 p.m. Sunday. Police have been searching for her since.

"It is extremely unfortunate," Memhard said. "Some people thought I had made a joke about the poor missing woman."

Memhard said those accusations were false. 

"There was some confusion," Memhard assured. 

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