In news taken from the logs of Cape Ann’s police and fire departments:


Wednesday, May 20

12:27 a.m.: A disturbance was reported at Eastern Avenue. Police reported it to be a mental health issue. 

Tuesday, May 19

1:47 p.m.: Police were dispatched to Perkins Peak for a report of vandalism.


Tuesday, May 19

8:43 p.m.: A Dock Square resident reported receiving harassing emails.

5:04 p.m.: A Marshall Street resident reported two large scratches down the side of his or her car. The person did not know when the scratches could have been made.  

4:45 p.m.: Officers were called to keep the peace between two people on Dock Square during a property exchange. 

8:58 a.m.: Report of a neighbor dispute on Marmion Way. Officers spoke with both parties and peace was restored.  

7:34 a.m.: Lift assist on High Street. 


Tuesday, May 19

9:50 p.m.: Report of a female screaming near King's Way. Officers searched the area and were unable to hear any screaming. 

3:43 p.m.: Animal Control was notified of a fox sighting on Crooked Lane. 

2:12 p.m.: Officers assisted in a birthday parade on School Street. 

1:11 p.m.: Report of a bicyclist falling off his or her bike on School Street. The person refused ambulance services. 

9:42 a.m.: Animal Control was notified of a raccoon of a Raymond Street porch. 


Wednesday, May 20

6:51 and 6:35 a.m.: Two drivers on Southern Avenue and Main Street received verbal warnings for speeding. 

1:09 a.m.: A driver on Western Avenue received a criminal application for unlicensed operation.

Tuesday, May 19

1:44 p.m.: A driver on the corner of Southern Avenue and Kings Street received a verbal warning for speeding. 

9:32 a.m.: The DPW filled a sink hole at Memorial Park.

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