In news taken from the logs of Cape Ann's police and fire departments:


Monday, June 10

12:00 a.m.: Officer summoned to Ellery Street on report of a loud party in the area of 12 Ellery St. The party was dispersed and peace restored.

Sunday, June 9

8:30 p.m.: Officer summoned to the city parking lot on Proctor Street for a possible domestic disturbance. He encountered a couple walking away who told him the argument was just verbal and they were separating for the evening.

8:21 p.m.: Jerry S. Grier, 63, of 8B Tarrs Lane West in Rockport, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence, second offense, after he was found passed out behind the wheel of a running vehicle at the 7-11 on Bass Avenue. The store clerk said he'd been there about an hour.

Grier's vehicle was towed and he was transported to the police station where, according to the report, he registered a 0.19 percent blood alcohol level; the legal limit is 0.08. Grier was notified that his driver's license was suspended effective immediately.

Saturday, June 8

5:17 p.m.:  Michael J. Porper, 62, of 64 Cabot St., Apt. 2R, in Beverly, was arrested on charges of trespassing and vandalizing property at a Thorn Hill Way address. 

8:08 a.m.: Police said they will seek a summons to court for Steven Rivera Woodhouse, 36, of 370 Main St. in Gloucester, on a charge of assault and battery — spitting in the face of another individual.

12:02 a.m.: Police said they plan to issue a summons to court for Andrew A. Norcross, 28, of 310 Codman Hill Road, Apt. 32D, in Boxborough, on the charges of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, marked lanes violation and speeding following a motor vehicle crash near Washington Street and Costa Drive. No other details were available.

Friday, June 7

4:24 p.m.: Damon C. Ciaramitaro, 42, of 5 Marshfield St. in Gloucester, was arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant. 


Sunday, June 9

8:24 p.m.: Report of a woman crying and distraught on Penzance Road. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the woman.

3:52 p.m.: A driver on South Street reported he accidentally hit and killed a dog. The dog's owner was at scene when officers arrived. 

3:36 p.m.: Lift assist on Broadway Avenue. Medical services were refused. 

3:31 p.m.: Medical emergency on Granite Street. The person was transported by ambulance to Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester.

3:27 p.m.: Water treatment alarm on Laurel Acres. It is unknown at this time why the alarm sounded. The Fire Department was dispatched and later cleared the area.

2:31 p.m.: Officers dismissed a guitar player on Bearskin Neck who did not have a entertainment permit. 

11:54 a.m.: Officers spoke with a person playing loud music in an apartment on Sandy Bay Terrace. 

11:33 a.m.: A Sandy Bay Terrace resident reported his car was missing. He called back after he learned a family member borrowed it without his knowledge. 

7:57 a.m.: Medical emergency on Granite Street. The person was transported by ambulance to Addison Gilbert Hospital.

Saturday, June 8

9:41 p.m.: Report of loud music on South Street. The music was coming from a permitted wedding party. Officers went to the area twice regarding the noise. By the second time, the party was wrapping up.  

5:11 a.m.: Medical emergency on Mt. Locust Avenue. The person was transported by ambulance to Addison Gilbert Hospital.

1:24 p.m.: Medical emergency on Beach Street. The person refused ambulance services.

11:49 a.m.: A broken-down dump truck was blocking traffic on Railroad Avenue. Officers assisted with traffic. The truck was able to start again without additional assistance.

9:06 a.m.: Report of a hit-and-run accident on Broadway. No injuries were reported. The amount of damage caused by the accident is estimated to cost more than $1,000. Officers spoke with both parties involved in the accident and information was exchanged. 

2:19 a.m.: An illegally parked car on T Wharf was ticketed.

Friday, June 7

7:17 p.m.: A car illegally parked on Pooles Lane was ticketed.

5:44 p.m.: A Squam Hill Road resident reported a neighbor had stolen a cinder block from the property. Officers spoke with both parties. 

3:43 p.m.: Medical emergency on Tuna Wharf. The person was transported by ambulance to Addison Gilbert Hospital.

2:39 p.m.: Medical emergency on Mt. Locust Avenue. The person was transported by ambulance to Addison Gilbert Hospital.

12:57 p.m.: A car illegally parked on Main Street was ticketed.

9:53 a.m.: Officer removed electrical wires from the roadway on Bearskin Neck. Utility was notified. 

7:16 a.m.: A driver on the corner of Main Street and Pier Avenue received a verbal warning for a stop sign violation and expired inspection sticker. 


Sunday, June 9

5:09 p.m.: Ipswich Police inquired about any report of a missing kayaker. Regional dispatch was contacted, but had no reports either. The kayaker was reported found a short time later, but it was not clear where.

1:57 p.m.: Two women were reported to be having an argument in Essex Post Office parking lot off Martin Street. Both told the responding officer they were having a disagreement and were sent on their way.

Saturday, June 8

9:28 p.m.: A Pickering Street resident called to say her American bulldog, wearing a red neckerchief, had gotten loose and run away. She called a second time a short later to say the dog, still wearing his bandana, had come home.

8:51 p.m.: Christopher W. Bernier, 60, of 101 Western Ave. in Essex was arrested on charges of speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol after a traffic stop on John Wise Avenue. An officer in a cruiser was passed by a car rapidly accelerating in a 25-mph zone in the opposite direction then traveling at a high rate of speed. The officer clocked the car going 63 mph with radar, and stopped the driver, later identified as Bernier. He was to be arraigned Monday in Gloucester District Court.

6:43 p.m.: A caller said a group of juveniles were breaking a plate on a fire hydrant on Spring Street. Responding officers could not find the teens, but found and picked up the plate pieces.

12:57 p.m.: A caller said debris in road was creating a traffic hazard on John Wise Avenue. An officer checked to the Ipswich line and back and found nothing in or alongside the road that could cause a problem.

12:40 p.m.: An Apple Street resident reported a sick raccoon in the area. When an officer arrived, the animal ran behind a house and could not be located. Later, a second caller reported the raccoon had died. Animal control was notified to take care of the carcass.

11:13 a.m.: The rescue squad transported by ambulance a female from John Wise Avenue to Beverly Hospital.

Friday, June 7

8:05 p.m.: An Eastern Avenue homeowner reported a covered motorcycle that did not belong there had been parked in the driveway for several hours. Police found a note under the bike which said it had broken down and traced the plate to a Gloucester owner. Gloucester police were able to contact the biker who said he would have it moved within a half hour.

4:19 p.m.: A driver said he thought he going to be hit by a fast-moving truck coming over the hill on Main Street, so he accelerated into a turn onto Martin Street and went completely over the traffic island there, taking out two signs and causing cosmetic damage to the car. Police said he was not impaired.

2:35 p.m.: A Gregory Island Road resident called 911 and hung up. An officer spoke to the resident who had been calling to inquire about fingerprinting for a gun license. The officer gave the caller the department's business line and said an officer could do the required fingerprinting.

11:30 a.m.: A driver was cited for operating an unregistered motor vehicle after a traffic stop on Main Street. The car was towed.

Helicopter landing: Several callers reported a copter flying low over Dodge Street and possibly landing at Riversbend Restaurant at Essex Marina shorty before 10:30 a.m. The copter could not be located when police arrived on scene. After speaking to the FAA and the manager at Beverly Airport, police learned a copter had landed in a nearby field. Police were told there is no regulation barring a copter from landing on private property if the pilot has the owner's permission, no people are endangered and no neighboring property is damaged, or it is an emergency.


Sunday, June 9

7:07 p.m.: Illegal dumping on School Street. Someone was reportedly using ClubXcel's privately owned dumpster to throw away trash.  

4:41 p.m.: A biker reportedly collapsed from dehydration on Summer Street. Medical services from Essex Fire Department were refused.  

4:38 p.m.: Medical emergency on Summer Street. A 69-year-old man reportedly had a diabetic episode. He was transported by Gloucester Fire Department to a hospital. 

4:33 p.m.: Medical emergency on Summer Street. A 71-year-old man reportedly had difficulty breathing. He was transported by ambulance to a hospital.  

12:03 p.m.: LifeLine activation on Newport Park Road. An 84-year-old woman was transported to the hospital.

1:58 p.m.: A driver on Hickory Hill Road received a written warning for having an expired inspection sticker.

11:19 a.m.: A driver on Pine Street received a written warning for speeding.

9:07 a.m.: A man on Allen Avenue reported an eye injury. Ambulance services were refused. 

5:15 a.m.: Report of a minor water main break on Highland Avenue. DPW was notified.

Saturday, June 8

7:12 p.m.: A driver on Washington Street received a citation on marked lanes violation and excessive use of horn.

 6:09 p.m.: Lift assist on School Street. Ambulance services were refused. 

5:43 p.m.: An illegally parked car on Central Street was ticketed. 

4:01 p.m.: A private tow was called for an illegally parked car at Crosby's Market on Summer Street.

5:47 p.m.: Report of a baby duck separated from its mother on Raymond Street. Animal Control was notified.

3:27 p.m.: Lift assist on School Street. No injuries were reported. 

12:03 p.m.: Medical emergency on The Plains Street. A 26-year-old male reported foot and wrist pain. He was transported by ambulance to a hospital. 

7:43 a.m.: A driver on Lincoln Street received a written warning for speeding.

1:17 a.m.: State police were notified of an erratic driver on Route 128 southbound.

Friday, June 7 

9:55 p.m.: A driver on Route 128 southbound received a citation for speeding. 

9:22 p.m.: A tractor trailer was reportedly stuck for a short period of time on Smiths Point Road. The driver was able to get the trailer moving again.

8:38 p.m.: A driver on Pine Street received a citation for speeding.

8:07 p.m.: A driver on the corner of Parson Lane and Pine Street received a written warning for speeding.

8:44 p.m.: A driver on the corner of Crooked Lane and Pine Street received a written warning for speeding.

7:21 p.m.: A driver on Pine Street received a written warning for speeding.

2:45 p.m.: A report was submitted regarding a minor car accident that occurred earlier that morning on the corner of School Street and Central Street. No injuries were reported from the crash.

7:48 a.m.: Report of a broken-down car on Route 128 northbound. No other information is available at this time.