In news taken from the logs of Cape Ann's police and fire departments: 



Wednesday, April 3

10:12 p.m.: Report of three vehicles parked on the side of the road at Nugent Stretch. An officer reported seeing four cars in all, parked legally. No action was taken.   

4:34 p.m.: A Broadway resident reported receiving a computer virus that locked him out of his system unless he gave the hacker his personal information. Officers advised the caller not to give any personal information out and referred him to multiple IT professionals. 

3:52 p.m.: Report of bones on Loblolly Cove. Photos were sent to the state Medical Examiner's office, who later determined it was either a coyote or dog. Public Works was notified and removed the carcass Thursday morning. 

12:45 p.m.: The Fire Department responded to a fire alarm activation on Dock Square. It was discovered the alarm had been triggered by burning incense. No further action was taken.

8:46 a.m.: Report of a tree branch in the middle of the roadway on Main Street. Public Works was notified.


Wednesday, April 3

11:34 p.m.: The four-way stop light on Pleasant Street was reportedly broken. Public Works was notified.

11:17 p.m.: A debit card found on Summer Street was submitted into police custody.

6:30 p.m.: Report of a possible dead animal on Route 128 southbound. Officers searched and did not find any carcass.

5:31 p.m.: A driver on School Street on received a verbal warning for speeding.

5:29 p.m.: A driver on Brook Street on received a verbal warning for having defective equipment.

3:54 p.m.: A person reported his parked car was hit on Central Street. Officers are investigating.

2:35 p.m.: A person reported his dog was bit by another dog on Central Street. Animal Control was notified.  

2:30 p.m.: Fire alarm activation on Summer Street. The Fire Department reset the alarm system. It is not known why the alarm sounded.

8:58 a.m.: Officers freed a student stuck in an elevator at Manchester Memorial Elementary School on Lincoln Street.

3:42 a.m.: Car accident on School Street. No injuries reported. The matter is under investigation. 

Tuesday, April 2

4:46 p.m.: Medical emergency on Pleasant Street. An 82-year-old man was transported by ambulance to a hospital.

2:04 p.m.: Report of an unattended black Labrador retriever on Beach Street. Officers were unable to locate the dog.

11:06 a.m.:  Medical emergency on Summer Street. An 81-year-old female was not feeling well and had a low heart rate. She was transported by ambulance to a hospital. 

10:46 a.m.: A person was transported by ambulance to a hospital after reportedly falling in a store on Summer Street.

9:48 a.m.: Report of a truck blocking traffic on Forrest Street. Officers determined the truck was not creating a hazard and no action was taken.

9:41 a.m.: Report of an unattended dog on Harold Street. Officers were unable to locate the dog.

7:10 a.m.:  Public Works was notified of old graffiti on the Salt Barn on Pleasant Street.



Thursday, April 4

6:36 a.m.: A caller reported a deer along John Wise Avenue appeared injured. Officers found the animal, which was injured, likely from a vehicle strike, and euthanized it. 

4:07 a.m.: An alarm sounded at a Main Street restaurant. All was found to be secure.

1:30 a.m.: An Eastern Avenue antique business' sign blew off its post into the street. Officers retrieved it and put it behind a fence on the property.

1:27 a.m.: The sign and a flag blew over at Down River Ice Cream on John Wise Avenue. An officer secured them and contacted the owner.

Wednesday, April 3

10:26 p.m.: An officer on patrol came across a Story Street resident leaving a Main Street restaurant and heading for his car who appeared unsteady on his feet. The officer, trying to place the man in protective custody and get him a ride home, said he was very uncooperative. He said the resident made fists of his hands, then licked his palms and offered to shake hands. The officer finally got the man in his cruiser and drove him home where he was released into his wife's custody.

Medical calls: The rescue squad transported by ambulance to Beverly Hospital a male from Western Avenue at 7:51 a.m., a female from Winthrop Street at 9:58 a.m., and a female from Main Street at 5:56 p.m.

2:51 a.m.: A LeBaron Road resident reporting seeing a lethargic, sickly looking coyote on Lufkin Street. The animal could not be found when police arrived on scene.

Tuesday, April 2

8:14 p.m.: A suspicious vehicle was reported to be parked at Clammers Beach. It was two people in their car eating Chipotle who then went on their way.

6:05 p.m.: A tow truck driver forgot to get payment after towing a car to a Story Street residence. When he returned for it, the homeowner was gone. Police were able to contact the person and get the driver paid.

2:44 p.m.: A resident reported a suspicious vehicle parked on a grassy area near his home on Apple Street. He told police he questioned the driver, who said he would be there a while before taking off at a high rate of speed. Police found no issues after speaking to the driver, who again said he would be there a while. 

1:11 p.m.: Police and firefighters responded to 143 Western Avenue on the report of a vehicle collision. No crash could be located, then information came in that it was near Essex Seafood at 143 Eastern Ave. One driver, who police say admitted he was distracted, had rear-ended another vehicle; he was issued a citation for following too closely. Neither motorist was injured, and both were able to drive away.

8:50 a.m.: An officer on patrol came across pieces of one of the department's pedestrian crossing signs, which had been hit by a vehicle. 



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