Rockport allows specialty shop liquor licenses

Voters lineup to check in and then vote at Precinct 3, The Community House, in Rockport.PAUL BILODEAU/Staff photo

ROCKPORT — The Board of Selectmen is cleared to issue two alcohol licenses to specialty food shops in town.

Out of the 673 total ballots cast in Tuesday’s town election, Question 1 passed by a vote of 513 to 152. Eight were blank.

Stores that hold these licenses will be able to sell wine and malt beverages for customers to bring home. They will only be issued to places that do not offer allow on-site alcohol consumption.  

“There are several individuals that have expressed interest in the two licenses,” said Town Administrator Mitchell Vieira. “We will follow the list, and I anticipate that there will be two successful applicants.”

This marks yet another victory for alcohol sales in town. The first legal sales came in 2005 when local restaurants were allowed to serve beer and wine to their customers if food was ordered as well. Most recently, Whistlestop Market made good on a 2012 Town Meeting ruling that allows one grocery store to hold a liquor license. The shop’s beer and wine section opened in February of this year.

Selectman Don Campbell, who ran unopposed like all other candidates on the ballot, won another three-year term on the Board of Selectmen. He was at Town Hall Tuesday night to see the results come in. One of the precinct volunteers told Campbell he was “the hardest-working unopposed selectmen” after she dropped off her precinct’s ballots at the Town Clerk’s office. 

“It’s a honor to serve the town for another three years,” said Campbell after the results came in. “I hope to serve the residents well.”

Here’s how the town voted on the candidate portion:

Board of Selectmen — Don Campbell (incumbent), 447; write-in, 80; left blank, 146

Assessor of Taxes  — Wilhelmina Moores, 499; write-in, 11; left blank, 163

Town Clerk — Patricia Brown (incumbent), 555, write-in, 13; left blank, 105

Planning Board, two seats — Herman Lilja (incumbent), 432; Thomas Mikus, 417; write-in, 7; left blank, 490

Trustee of the Public Library — Robert Audano (incumbent), 542; write-in, 3; left blank, 128

School Committee — Cathleen Reilly, 520; write-in, 12; left blank, 141

Housing Authority — Theresa Byrne, 510; write-in, 6; left blank, 157

Each seat carries a three-year term, save for the Housing Authority, which is five years.

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