A juvenile skateboarder was hit by a truck while skating in the area of 109 Western Ave. on Friday. 

Upon arrival at 6:56 a.m., police observed the child lying on the street and being examined by Fire Department paramedics. Paramedics reported that the skateboarder was conscious but could have potential injuries. He was transported to Beverly Hospital for further treatment. 

Neither police nor  the Fire Department could provide an update on the juvenile's condition.

The driver of the truck explained to police that he was traveling west on Western Avenue and had just passed over the Blynman Bridge when he saw two youths skateboarding on the roadway. The driver reported that it was dark outside and both skateboarders were wearing dark clothing. He swerved to avoid the skateboarder, but was not able to.

"There was no charges to the driver. He couldn't see the skateboarder and it was just an accident," Conley said. 

The injured skateboarder, however, was in violation of the city's ordinances. 

According to the city's ordinances, skateboarding is prohibited on "Western Avenue, east and west of Blynman Bridge from Hough Avenue to the 'Tavern,' on both sides."

As this was his first offense, the skateboarder was given a written warning.

The other skateboarder, who was walking on the sidewalk at the time, told police he was looking at his phone when the accident occurred, and it was not until he heard the crash that he looked up to see his friend on the ground. 

The grandmother of the injured juvenile called police regarding the skateboard and was informed that it was broken in half and missing wheels. She asked for it to be discarded.

Staff writer Taylor Ann Bradford can be reached at 978-675-2705 or tbradford@northofboston.com.

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