Mary Muckenhoupt/Gloucester Daily Times A car rolled over on Wheeler Street yesterday just before 1 p.m. A youth was taken to the hospital. Driving conditions were particularly slippery due to the cold temperatures making for very slippery roads.

There wasn't enough snow fall yesterday to call for a "blue light" snow emergency, but the snowy conditions created slippery road conditions and sparked more than a dozen accidents, including one rollover.

A man driving a 2006 Mazda on Wheeler Street slid on ice and was unable to stop at 12:29 p.m., the car went onto Ronna Road and struck a wall, which caused the vehicle to overturn.

The driver indicated that there were two passengers in the car, with one youth who needed to be transported by ambulance to Beverly Hospital, according to police.

The vehicle was flipped back over by a tow truck, and hauled away because of the damage.

A half hour later, another vehicle spun out on Maplewood Avenue when the operator of the vehicle tried to stop because someone had pulled in front of him. The first driver was then rear-ended by a third car that couldn't stop because of the conditions in that 1:05 p.m. accident.

Those conditions grew increasingly dangerous early yesterday afternoon.

At one point, one officer in the area of Warner Street called over the police scanners that, "We've got cars all over the place over here."

One vehicle skidded on ice at 1:54 p.m. at the sharp corner near AmeriCold on East Main Street and got stuck against a guard rail. And another vehicle became stuck against a different guardrail in a 1:38 p.m. mishap at the intersection of Langsford Street and Andrews Street.

Police calls were hardly limited to accidents.

One man called police at 3:10 p.m. to complain that a snowplow had thrown dirt onto his house. Police said they would follow up with his complaint later last night because of the call volume.

One woman also called to complain that a Comcast work truck had damaged her stone wall and drove off; she was advised to contact the cable provider.

In all, there were at least 14 weather-related accidents reported between 12:30 and 4 p.m., including a number at Grant and Blackburn circles.

State police were also called in for several accidents that took place on Route 128 because Gloucester Police couldn't respond to them because the number of accidents. But most of the accidents were minor and didn't require any medical attention, authorities said.

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