Stone Barn Lane mural completed

PAUL BILODEAU/Staff photo. A car passes by muralist Josh Falk painting a "mash-up panoramic scene that embraces the beautiful coastline of Rockport" on the wall behind the Rockport Library. 11/13/19

ROCKPORT — Artist Josh Falk has finished his 72-feet-wide mural on the Stone Barn Lane concrete wall behind Rockport Public Library.

“I could have worked on this piece for a year and I still would have found more to fuss with,” Falk said. “I’m happy with where I left it though and stoked for the opportunity.”

The mural, in the artist’s own words, depicts a “mash-up panoramic scene that embraces the beautiful coastline of Rockport.” A dark storm cloud can be seen rolling above a grassy field on the left-hand side, and a rocky coastline is depicted at the far opposite end. In the middle, the two contrasting scenes are split by a vivid and colorful sunset. 

The Awesome Foundation of Rockport, better known as Awesome Rockport, funded Falk’s efforts in August. The nonprofit distributes $1,000 grants to community-led projects that “make Rockport more awesome,” according to its website. Extra assistance was provided by Rockport Music, the Rockport Art Association & Museum and the library.

Falk has worked on-and-off on the mural by himself since October. Originally scheduled to be unveiled during Rockport Harvest Fest, the end date was pushed back due to multiple days of inclement weather.

For November, Awesome Rockport donated $1,000 to the Rockport Ambulance Department for its community service projects. Those projects include visiting children at local preschools and Rockport Elementary School, providing donations of winter clothing to families, as well as making discrete cash contributions to help families after floods and fires so they can restart their lives.

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