ROCKPORT — Seventh-graders at Rockport Middle School may been looking down at sidewalks a lot while walking, scrounging under the cushions of the family couch or the floor mats of the family cars in the next month.

Those are all places where spare change can be found, and the students will be donating the coins they find or collect to a monthlong campaign they kicked off Thursday, called Pennies for Patients.

During the morning Thursday, the teens attended a assembly where they heard about blood cancers and how research is helping children and adults beat this disease.

Pennies for Patients will run during February, and Students will be charged with collecting change throughout the month.

The campaign is a fundraiser to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and all the money collected will go toward research.

More information be obtained by contacting Bob Allia at, or any seventh-grade teacher at the school.

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