A repeat drugged driver who led Gloucester police on a 90-mph chase along the Route 128 Extension and onto East Main Street this past summer has lost his license to drive for more than seven years.

Randy C. White, 38, of 29 Church St., also has been ordered to serve six months of a 2 1/2 -year term in Middleton Jail following Judge Michael Patten's ruling in Gloucester District Court. The judge suspended the remainder of the  sentence through December 2020.

The judge ordered that White sustain a loss of license for eight years, with credit for 136 days which he has not been able to drive to date while awaiting trial. He was also ordered to enter a national drinking and driving program, and to pay $250 toward its cost. He was also assessed a $50 fee for the court's fund for OUI case victims and another $90 fee to be paid to the court's primary victim-witness fund.

The penalties were handed down after White pleaded guilty to a third offense of operating under the influence of drugs, as well as for failing to stop for police and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Charges of possession of a Class B drug and speeding were dismissed at the request of the commonwealth.

According to the Gloucester police report, Officer Alexander Aiello observed a car that proved to be driven by White entering Grant Circle from northbound Route 128 the night of July 12 at a "unreasonably" high speed of 50 mph or more.

Aiello said he activated his lights and began to pursue the driver as White continued up the Route 128 Extension toward Blackburn Circle. The officer noted that their speeds reached up to 90 mph. White continued to the end of the extension, zipped across the Bass Avenue intersection, and proceeded — still at a high speed — across the Bass Avenue/Main Street intersection and up the East Main Street hill.

Aiello continued to pursue Whites's vehicle until the suspect abruptly pulled into a parking place at Niles Beach, jumped out of the car, and began running toward police — yelling and waving his arms.

Aiello said he initially had a hard time understanding White's reaction and ordered him to step back. But White conveyed that a woman in his vehicle whom he identified as his girlfriend was apparently having a panic attack and was asking for help. Police summoned the Fire Department's ambulance squad, which treated the woman at the scene. There were no reports of any injuries or hospital transports throughout the entire escapade. 

Police said White exhibited several signs of drug intoxication, and recovered a used hypodermic needle from the ground just outside the driver's door he had exited.

Officers also found White held only a Florida driver's license, and a check with probation offices found that his Massachusetts license had been suspended recently due to a previous conviction for driving under the influence.

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