As they look to the future of a brand new school on Webster Street, the community of Veterans Memorial Elementary School came together to peer in to the past.

With the help from the city's Department of Public Works, Principal Matt Fusco and Superintendent Ben Lummis carefully removed the time capsule — a copper box — from behind the building's capstone Tuesday to see what others had left inside. 

And we can promise you that it wasn't the latest Tik Tok video.

"It was a great time," Fusco said. "It was really neat to see what the kids found interesting and how different education was back then." 

As Fusco and Lummis laid the contents on a table, fifth-graders hovered to see that the capsule held newspaper clippings, a book of fads from 2007, Parent Teacher Association cookbooks, and other contents that dated to 1958 when the school was dedicated to the city's veterans. 

School Committee Vice Chairperson Melissa Joy Teixeira Prince was excited by the opportunity to attend the uncovering of such a unique piece of the school's history.

"I thought the whole thing was amazing," Prince said, explaining that she had attended Veterans as a child.

As the uncovering of the past brought smiles to the faces of everyone present, Prince also noted that it taught a valuable lesson. 

"Time capsules are so cool because it is really important to teach children about memories as they are young. It shows that memories and interactions are just as important as objects."

With plans of incorporating the granite cornerstones of the current building into the planned new one, the Veterans Memorial community is unsure of what contributions to the next time capsule will be. 

"Maybe pictures of the building being built?" Fusco said. "We would definitely have to think about this pandemic."

"But I really have no idea," he said.

Staff Writer Taylor Ann Bradford may be contacted at 978-675-2705, or on Twitter at TayBradford97.

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