A 9-year-old boy from Gloucester is facing charges of breaking and entering and larceny after a woman reported the theft of an iPhone, phone charger, cash and other items from her apartment Tuesday.

According to officer Scott Duffany's report, police responded to a house on Arthur Street after a woman reported that someone had entered her apartment through a rear first-floor screen three times in the last week, and made off with those items, an Alexa Echo, and a package from Amazon taken off her porch after delivery.

The woman told police that she had an audio recording of a voice taken from the Alexa on her phone, proving that someone had been in her apartment and connected to her Wi-Fi. She also told police she thought she recognized the voice as that of her 9-year-old neighbor.

Duffany and Sgt. Sean Conners then went to speak with the boy and his mother, who gave the officers permission to speak with her son. After first claiming he did not know what the officers were talking about, the boy then confessed to breaking into the woman's home on three occasions and taking items that matched a list of missing items Duffany had compiled.

The boy then took the officers to places where he had hidden the stolen items — including to a fenced-in area behind the apartments, and, in one case, to a box back in the kitchen of the victim's apartment. The boy told officers he had "could not find" where he had stashed $46 in stolen cash, but Duffany said he was able to locate that exact amount of money inside a sneaker that was found in a closet.

Police returned the cash, headphones, the charger and the iPhone to the victim but held onto the Alexa and a smart phone projector that had been in the Amazon package for evidence, noting that both of those items had been ruined by being left outdoors.

The report does not include any statements from the child or the mother as to his reasons for the thefts. The child will be facing charges in juvenile court.

Staff writer Ray Lamont can be reached at 978-675-2705, or via email at rlamont@gloucestertimes.com.

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