In news taken from the logs of Cape Ann's police and fire departments:


Monday, Oct. 12

10:57 a.m.: Someone said a person was grabbed by the neck at Subway at 25 Railroad Ave. Upon arrival, police were told the couple was just fooling around. 

8:59 a.m.: A hypodermic needle recovered at the intersection of Poplar Street and Foley Road and disposed of safely. 

Sunday, Oct. 11

2:48 p.m.: A fight was reported at Burnham Field's basketball court. 

Saturday, Oct. 10

7:38 p.m.: Gunshots were reported be heard in the woods by Bray Street. 

3:20 p.m.: Police responded to the area of Rocky Neck Avenue for a disturbance. Upon arrival, the calling party informed police that a resident was "destroying" his apartment and yelling loudly. Police found the man in question frantically jumping up and down, running back and forth, and said he was extremely fidgety and unable to sit still. The man informed the officers that he had been partying with a woman identified as "Ruth" all weekend. He indicated that she was still in the room and started pointing at the wall, saying he could still see her. Police confirmed that there was no one else in the apartment. He then told the police that she had left just prior to their arrival and had planted knives around his house to "make (him) look crazy." When asked more questions, he identified the woman that he had partied with all weekend as the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg/ He stated that after they had spent some time together, Justice Ginsburg stole some of his household items and fled his apartment. The man, who had prescription for methadone and Adderall, reportedly told police he took taking "some pills that he bought in Boston." Police said he admitted to taking crystal methamphetamine which had caused him not to sleep for a few days. 

11:30 a.m.: One hypodermic needle was retrieved from the drive-through at McDonalds at 46 Maplewood Ave. and disposed of safely. 

8:01 a.m.: A customer of Speedway LLC at 354 Main St. was reported to be disrespectful as he continue to ignore store policies. 

4:48 a.m.: A caller at 41 Mt. Vernon St. reported an unknown man was knocking on multiple apartment doors in the building. 

Friday, Oct. 8

7:43 p.m.: Larceny was reported at Burnham Street. 

1:15 p.m.: A woman came to the station to turn in a firearm she found while cleaning out her husband's aunts house on Eastern Point Road. The firearm was a 32-caliber Smith and Wesson and was legally registered to someone who died last week. The family does not want the firearm. 

12:20 p.m.: Police were dispatched to Railroad Avenue for a woman reportedly taking off her clothes by the train station and dancing in the street. Upon arrival, police observed an elderly woman prancing down the middle of Railroad Avenue completely naked while singing. Police got closer to the woman, looking for items of her clothing to help cover her. The traffic was heavy and people were stopping to see what was going on. Police tried to cover her up with a sweatshirt. The woman kept saying that she was a free spirit and no man could control her. She then yelled various expletives and removed the sweatshirt police were trying to cover her with. One officer grabbed a blanket to cover the woman while another officer was trying to get her to put her clothes back on. A man walked up to an officer, saying someone gave the woman an unknown pill and that is why she is acting this way. He said, "She's my girlfriend and this isn't right, someone drugged her." Police asked the man to let them do their job and that he needed to give them space and walk away. She was transported to Addison Gilbert Hospital, where she was given an IV. Fifteen minutes after being at the hospital, the woman pulled out her IV and was out of control in the emergency room and was running around. 

8:46 a.m.: The MBTA called from the Essex Avenue station to relay that a person on board was claiming to be a State Police trooper and was causing issues. 


Monday, Oct. 12

6:48 p.m.: Nicholas Frontiero, 34, of Gloucester, was arrested on Main Street on a straight warrant. He was arraigned at Gloucester District Court on Tuesday morning. 

5:26 p.m.: Michael Copp, 50, of Rockport, was arrested on Granite Street on charges of operating under the influence of liquor, possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. He made bail Monday evening and was arraigned at Gloucester District Court on Tuesday morning.

4:18 p.m.: Two-car accident on Main Street. No injuries were reported and one car was towed.

Medical emergencies: Two patients were transported by ambulance to Addison Gilbert Hospital, one from Sandy Bay Terrace at 10:30 a.m., the other from Curtis Street at 2:36 p.m. 

12:20 a.m.: Lift assist on South Street.

Sunday, Oct. 11

10:20 p.m.: Medical emergency on Curtis Street. The person was transported by ambulance to Addison Gilbert Hospital. 

9:05 p.m.: A DPW employee reported someone had been routinely leaving trash in front of the DPW Barn on DPW Way. 

6:38 p.m.: Medical emergency on Marmion Way. The person refused ambulance services.

Saturday, Oct. 10

9:15 p.m.: A driver on South Street received a citation for speeding and not having an inspection sticker. 

8:32 p.m.: Medical emergency on South Street. The person was transported by ambulance to Addison Gilbert Hospital.  

8:20 and 6:56 p.m.: Medical emergencies on Main Street and South Street. Both refused ambulance services.

5:27 p.m.: The Harbormaster assisted a diver in distress on Back Beach. Once back on land, the diver refused ambulance services.

10:47 a.m.: Two-car accident on Sandy Bay Terrace. No injuries were reported. Both drivers exchanged information. 

9:08 a.m.: Officers assisted a Main Street resident who reported a false unemployment claim was filed in his or her name. 

Friday, Oct. 9

9:52 and 9:28 p.m.: Medical emergencies on South Street and Hunter's Court. Both were transported by ambulance to Addison Gilbert Hospital. 

7:30 p.m.: Medical emergency on Curtis Street. The person refused ambulance services. 

2:49 p.m.: A gold wedding band found on Main Street was turned into police. 

2:43 p.m.: Officers assisted an Ocean Avenue residentwho reported a false unemployment claim was filed in his or her name. 

6:37 a.m.: Medical emergency on Main Street. The person was transported by ambulance to Addison Gilbert Hospital. 


Monday, Oct. 12 

9:17 a.m.: First responders assisted a choking victim on Bridge Street. 


Monday, Oct. 12

3:58 p.m.: The Water Department was notified of a sewer alarm on Main Street. 

1:27 p.m. and 11:42 a.m.: Medical emergencies on Southern Avenue and Apple Street. Both were transported by ambulance to Addison Gilbert Hospital. 

Sunday, Oct. 11

2:38 p.m.: Medical emergency on Willow Court. The person was transported by ambulance to a hospital.  

Saturday, Oct. 10

10:12 p.m.: A driver on Eastern Avenue received a citation for having an expired license. 

5:59 p.m.: Lift assist on Eastern Avenue. The person was transported by ambulance to a hospital. 

1:29 p.m.: Medical emergency on Eastern Avenue. The person refused ambulance services. 

12:05 p.m.: The Harbormaster assisted a broken-down boat on Essex River. 

3:15 a.m.: Medical emergency on Wood Drive. The person was transported by ambulance to a hospital 

Friday, Oct. 9

7:45 p.m.: Lift assist on Chebacco Terrace.

1:56 p.m.: A driver on Pond Street received a citation for speeding. 

10:53 a.m.: A unregistered boat and trailer parked at Essex Landing on Main Street was ticketed.  

8:56 a.m.: Officers assisted in an investigation regarding an ongoing string of incidents involving mail theft. Police across the North Shore have received multiple reports that someone is rifling through people's mail in search of cash or checks. As of Friday, two such reports were made in Essex.  

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