When the world freezes over in Roland Emmerich’s 2004 thriller “The Day After Tomorrow,” those who survive the apocalyptic freeze are prepared.

And one could even argue it was the negligence of the fictional vice president to put off plans — a lack of preparedness — that caused unnecessary deaths all throughout the north.

While paleoclimatologists don’t predict the next ice age to occur for at least a couple more years, it is best to be prepared for all weather conditions this winter as there is no such thing as bad weather — just poor planning.

So as you’re exploring Cape Ann and the North Shore — or father afield — this winter, here are some tips on how to stay toasty warm while romping through the snow and ice.

Look at the forecasted weather. Depending on what you have planned for your next big adventure across the North Shore, it is important to know what type of weather you will be dealing with as it tends to change every five minutes.

Layers, layers, layers. In order to be able to stay comfortable while hitting the trails, consider layering your outfit with a T-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, jacket and rain jacket. By having multiple layers, you can be ready for whatever weather is thrown your way.

No cotton. The joke — but a fact — is that cotton kills. This is because when cotton gets wet, it absorbs water and becomes heavy. It takes a while to dry, which means that if you do not change out of the now-wet cotton clothing soon, hypothermia could follow as your body loses heat faster than it can produce it.

Wool, silk and polypropylene are alternative materials that are sure to keep you warm and safe.

Food is fuel. Ever felt immediately better after eating that sandwich or even a Snickers? That is because the sugars and carbs found in high-protein foods give the body energy.

From A to B. Map out your expedition before you go to make every step count. As temperatures dip into the 20s, the pinch of colder climates can limit your tolerance for long, outdoor activities.

Looking for directions? Visit www.alltrails.com

Unless you want to get lost. Then all you need is your heart to follow.

And most importantly, make sure you have a cup of hot cocoa awaiting.

Follow all of these tips so you can enjoy what North Shore’s wilderness has to offer the day after tomorrow.

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