To the editor:

As a Rockport resident and taxpayer for 60 years, Paul Murphy is well known to me. In grade school he was highly responsible, attentive and noted for his integrity. These qualities continued throughout his Rockport school career. At Rockport High School he was elected to be president of the Student Council for three successive years. In this position, he worked diligently with both students and the administration. Attending the University of Maine, he was elected to the Student Senate for four years. He was also selected by his peers to be one of two graduation speakers.

Nurtured by his mother, Kay Murphy, he learned early that community involvement was important. He observed his mom faithfully serve on the Recreation Committee, School Committee and Board of Selectmen for many years. This gives him a long history of Rockport and its past needs. With civic awareness that each citizen should contribute to his community, Paul has served two times on the School Committee and 10 years on the Board of Selectmen and has been a volunteer for many youth activities.

Paul has been dedicated to youth and has served in school administration for 30 years. Passing a sense of community involvement, he has instilled this pride and duty in his children —Sarah, Colleen and Michael — whose classmates have also recognized them as class leaders. His wife, Mary Beth Pszenny, also has served the community on the Board of Health and as part of the Rockport Education Foundation.

Paul has been a steady hand on the Board of Selectmen, weighing the decisions that had to be made carefully and conscientiously. Decisions with which you may disagree, but he assured that he made those tough decisions thoughtfully with no only the present but the future needs of Rockport in mind. Paul also works harmoniously with other selectmen and town officials to compromise and accomplish what needs to be done for Rockport.

Please give him your vote for selectman

Dorothy L. Flynn



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