To the editor:

Your Nov. 12 editorial, “The conscience of Danvers is at stake,” says “the underlying causes for such behavior go beyond the schools to a broader venue, citing several disturbing racial incidents in town over the past two years.”

Indeed it is a broader venue. From 2016 until this year America has had the misbegotten “leadership” of a man who has found a way to activate the latent hatred, resentment and fear that is in our bones. It’s a message of white supremacy, distrust of foreigners, support for hatred of LGBTQ people. It is a message of intolerance, cruelty and selfishness, and millions have fallen in line with his teaching.

It will take some serious moral leadership to pull these Danvers hockey players out of this mess, as well as all the millions who still follow such “leadership.”

Samuel W. Coulbourn


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