To the Editor:

Regarding the story headlined “City, Tarr push for Boulevard seawall assistance” (the Times, Page 1, Wednesday, Dec. 5), I would offer a historical note:

Roughly 40 years ago, during formation of what is now the Essex National Heritage Area, the city of Gloucester was invited to formally be a part of this initiative. The city was told that, among other things, participation would make the city eligible for federal funding for a variety of tourism-related uses, including, specifically, repairing the already decaying seawall along Stacy Boulevard.

The City Council turned this offer down. My recollection is that they declared they wanted none of this largesse because it would likely come “with strings attached.”

In the words of a local political personage of that era, the council’s position was to be wary of “taking that bait from up the line.”



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