To the editor:

Emotions have been running high in Manchester since the Manchester Board of Health has requested that the length of time dogs be allowed on the beach be shortened by one month on each end of the current schedule.

I will not enter into the hookworm controversy, but I did go down to the beach this past Tuesday to see first-hand what condition the beach was in.

I was disgusted by what I saw. There were 20-plus dog samples left by callous owners between the bike racks and the wooden ramp up to the benches. One dog even left a calling card right in the middle of the wooden ramp.

Walking the beach, I found another 12 samples left above the high-water mark in various stages of decomposition.

Plain and simple, if dog owners do not want to be responsible for picking up after their dogs, the Board of Health has no other recourse than to increase the time between when the dogs stop using the beach and people start in order to mitigate health risks.

I know and have seen plenty of responsible people who do pick up after their dogs and it is sad that their good behavior cannot compensate for the reckless inconsiderate behavior of other dog walkers.

Dog owners often complain that people leave the beach a mess, too. I agree and have picked up Singing Beach numerous times with the Cub Scouts.

It is amazing how callous people can be with their own garbage, but two wrongs don't make a right.

If both beach goers and dog walkers were both more considerate and both demonstrated more respect for Singing Beach this whole debate would never have to occur.

I support the Board of Health's recommendations and will vote "yes" on reducing the amount of time dogs are allowed on the beach.

john carlson


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