To the editor:

I'm writing because I have concerns regarding Addison Gilbert Hospital.

The three years that Lahey and Northeast is giving us as an assurance while they make up their minds as to what happens after that is not good because people are worried about their jobs.

I'm afraid that the staff at Addison Gilbert Hospital will start looking for other jobs.

They are the best bunch of people working there, you can't beat them. I'm talking about nurses, aides and the whole bunch of them. We want to keep those jobs here and keep those people working. There is no better bunch of people — and I mean that.

We need to build this hospital up and make it like it used to be with services there that we used to have.

We need surgeons to come here, and they won't come here if the hospital is up in the air about when or if they may pull the plug.

I have given my money to the independent Addison Gilbert Hospital Citizens Fund because I think they are the best people to get the job done.

I've known Al Swekla for years. I used to fish with him back in the days of mackerel fishing when he fished with me on the Jean and Patricia. He's a good guy, I trust him and I know you can, too.

Everyone should give to that fund and let's see if we can make our hospital into what we need to keep it open. Let's do everything we can to make sure the hospital stays open — for a lot longer than three years.

John "Gus" Foote

Mount Vernon Street, Gloucester

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