To the editor:

Sen. Kerry, I just want to say thank you for your non-committal support.

We in the fishing industry struly appreciate any help we can get, but do you think you could be just a bit more vague? (Th Times, news story, Monday, July 8)

We need substance, not lip service. We need immediate action, not rhetoric.

With every passing day, we are losing boats and families. You, sir, have the power and influence to assemble a bipartisan coalition to address the inherent inequities in our hyper-conservative individual allocations, the burdensome, un-necessarily redundant, reporting and monitoring requirements, as well as their associated financial impacts — and the chronic underfishing, which is slowly starving us in the midst of acknowledged abundance.

Identifying "pressure points" is one thing, putting the vise grips on them is quite another.

Svengali's hypnotic spell on NOAA must be broken, and you have the power to perform that exorcism.

You can release us from the death grip of the NOAA constrictor.

Don't talk about it,

We need you to do it and do it now — or are you content to just run your mouth and be up-staged by Sen. Brown?



Captain, F/V Sasquatch

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