To the editor:

I am outraged and disgusted at the fact that former NOAA enforcement chief Dale Jones and his minions are allowed to keep their high-paying jobs after openly destroying local fishermen's lives.

This is all a complete joke to me!

My brothers and I are all boat owners, as are many other family members in this country and in Italy who have been fishing for over 250 years.

There are six generations that I can account for — and you're going to tell me, that after 20 years of sacrifice and conservation of the resource, we are only allowed a mere few thousand pounds of fish?

How are we supposed to support our families? How is something so unjust even legal?

These NOAA agents have openly screwed hundreds of fishing families, and they are given their jobs back? Honestly, is there something wrong with this picture?

If I lied, broke the law or shredded some important paperwork, I would be arrested and removed from the job that I love, yet these men, it seems, are rewarded! That is a joke!

Something needs to change now or thousands of people are going to lose everything.

I have already lost a brother, a job and a way of life just because of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

People, please support your fishing community or you will be eating Gorton's fish sticks or frozen fish, both supplied from other countries.

Gloucester residents, fishermen, Richard Gaines and the Gloucester Daily Times, please keep fighting the good fight.

We cannot let this rough agency win — because that would be the worst joke of all.

Joe "Sans" Sanfilippo


Owner and Captain, F/V Maria G.S.

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