To the editor:

Anyone who lives in Rockport has to have experienced the same lump-in-the-throat experience I almost invariably have when attempting to enter the one and only, infamous Five Corners intersection.

All the drivers trying to enter stare at each other wondering who should go first.

I fully understand that we cannot have a traffic light system.

God forbid that there should be a traffic light in Rockport. Most every other town in the USA has one. but OK, I accept that that will never happen here.

Perhaps a patrolman could be assigned to direct traffic during high traffic times. But I can imagine our chief saying that, knowing when the high traffic was going to occur could be a problem. And, not the least of it, he has no money in his budget. It's probably not a sensible long-term solution.

What to do?

I have an idea. How about a rotary, much smaller, but like we have in Gloucester and countless cities and towns throughout the U.S. and like they have throughout Europe.

"Ah but," say the naysayers, "how will larger trucks, especially 18-wheelers make a turn from, say, upper Main Street into Railroad Avenue.?"

"No problem at all," say the designers of rotaries. "You create a rotary that is mostly representative.

"It could be made of Rockport granite paving stones and slightly elevated in its center; that would make it possible for long-bodied vehicles to make the turn without their rear ends riding over the rotary.

"But," says the Garden Club and many of us residents — including me, "what would happen to the island that we already have with its wall and beautiful plantings?"

"Unfortunately," say the designers, "that would have to be eliminated. And the rotary would need to be moved into the center of the intersection."

While I would miss the flowers, I think the traffic engineers and designers of rotaries have it hands down on this one. Why has it not been suggested before?


Captains Way, Rockport

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