To the editor:

There are serious global, national and local issues requiring close attention. But does that mean less-difficult topics can be ignored? Almost two years ago it was brought to the attention of the Rockport selectmen and other town officials there were excessive advertising commercial signs in residential areas. A committee was supposed to study this matter. Was this committee ever formed, did it meet and where is its report?

Recently several concerned citizens have again inspected many Rockport residential areas. There continues to be proliferation of signs that detract from the innate beauty of Rockport.

What purposes are served by these invasive and continually present signs? Here’s a list of them: Advertising signs for home repairs, for solar panels, for local building contractors, for landscaping services, for short- and long-term rentals, for roofing, for possible real estate sales coming soon, for painters, for yard sales, for window replacements, for driver education schools, and yes, even notices nailed on trees and utility poles for dogwalkers, lost animals and products for sale.

Such signs belong in the newspapers and other media, not all over our beautiful community. If these visual pollutions remain unchecked and we become more habituated to them, others will be encouraged to put up more and more commercial clutter throughout the town. Do selectmen and other officials seriously believe this long standing deleterious condition can simply be ignored?

Certainly caring citizens do not want this.

Joseph N. Muzio


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