To the editor:

In the Dec. 30 Gloucester Daily Times, there was an opinion by someone who considers himself a patriot, and the supposed fine ways that President Trump and his administration governed for four years. These are briefly contrasted with various negative statements about the newer administration of President Biden and his team, who have been in office about one year as it copes with the raging pandemic, while the writer expresses dismay about alleged unfairness regarding the Gloucester Times.

Down the road, it will be up to serious objective scholars, historians, those writing doctoral dissertations, investigative reporters and perhaps legal authorities to explore and document Trump’s past four years more formally and their long-term impacts on citizens, our nation and beyond. Later on, the same will be done about Biden’s newer administration, along with other national political leaders and policies. Such evaluations give depth and breadth to ongoing serious issues.

One cannot ignore the insensitivity, the chaos, and the untoward repercussions of Trump’s leadership. It is particularly noticeable how he refuses to openly share his business and personal income records, his abusive language, his illogical criticisms of others, and especially his more than the failed 60 legal cases, which obstruct and delay more balanced governmental procedures at taxpayers’ expenses.

There are long established leadership characteristics to guide effective governmental and private operations in order to accomplish identified goals and missions. Throughout his private and public life, Trump has exhibited only selfish and harsh approaches. Despite his beliefs he’s been a successful businessman, data do not support his contentions.

He does not understand democratic processes, nor our nation’s history while he supports and adores authoritarian leaders in dictatorial oppressive countries. And by doing so, he sacrifices our nation’s positive humanitarian traits. He’s a hero to those who thoughtlessly embrace unprincipled violence and hatred.

Joseph N. Muzio


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